iPad 2 Review

10 Mar

The iPad 2 has just been announced- by Steve Jobs himself. Steve, by all reports is looking fit and healthy, though thin, as he’s been for years now. Check out the new and best features/specs of these cool tech gadgets!

In a nutshell:

33% thinner body.

10 hour battery life (as before).

Same price points ($499- $829).

Same storage options: 16 GB – 64 GB.

Will be available in white and black.

Dual-core A5 processor, so twice as fast.

Two cameras- rear and front-facing.

9x faster graphics.

3G (and there are still wifi only options) via Verizon or AT&T

Cool new optional “smart covers” to protect the screen with less bulk and prop up screen as well.

Available March 11th in US, In 26 additional countries on March 25th.


Do you need it? If you have the original iPad and you’re big on gaming, and graphics intensive apps- you’ll definitely appreciate the speed bump in processor and graphics engine.


Should you wait for the mythical iPad 3? My guess is it won’t be out until a year from now, not September, as has been rumored. You will want this Apple deliciousness now if you’ve waited for the upgrade. I didn’t wait, and I will be getting it.


What I’m sad about these tech gadgets? No SD card expansion for all the movies and photos and music.

Also- that I can’t greedily rush out and get it RIGHT NOW.


Updates and photo via Engadget’s awesome live feed.

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