HTC Arrive to hit Sprint via pre-order

16 Mar

HTC’s Arrive smartphone is also known as the 7 Pro, where it will be available for pre-order from Wirefly for a mere $49 a pop. Now is that cheap, or is it cheap? This new handset did point towards a $199.99 price point during its announcement, but Wirefly has done a pretty good job in lowering the price point that offers Windows Phone 7 smartphone with slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Of course, more savvy consumers would probably know by now that there is a catch attached to this deal, where you will need to sign up for a new Sprint account on a 2-year deal. Basically, even if you’re an existing Sprint user, you will have to either terminate the old account or get a new account if you’re feeling flush. Current eligible Sprint subscribers are also able to take the upgrade path by picking up the Arrive for $149.99. Coolest electronic gadgets!

Source from: Ubergizmo


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