A New Take On Big Pens: The Turtle Pen

17 Mar

Turtle, a new innovative online pen company, is launching an attack on the giants of the pen industry by introducing two innovative pen collections; Turtle Work and Turtle Play. These coolest gadgets feature their patent pending SNAPback™ mechanism, Turtle pens represent an alternative to the traditional push pens. It’s worth having a good pen, before..you know, pens go the way of the CD-RROM.

To activate a Turtle pen, a user pulls back the rear casing prior to letting it “SNAPback.” Once the rear casing has recoiled to its starting position the nib is exposed.

The second interesting design element of a Turtle pen is its extendable casing (or “Turtle Head” as it is otherwise known). This element gives Turtle pens their unique appearance. During activation the nib pushes the Turtle Head out from within the pen transforming each pen from a steel cylinder into what now looks like a pen.

“It all began with a random idea – how can I make a pen more interesting? In answering that question I believe we have created an innovative product which is both interesting and simply fun to use. Going forward we will continue to create quality writing instruments that surprise or go against the grain,” said Richard Allan, Founder, Turtle Pens.

Turtle Work pens have a simple and stylish stainless steel casing and elegantly combine sophistication with innovative design. Turtle Play pens are a combination of stainless steel, rubber and vibrant plastics – a contrast to match your more playful side. Each collection is available in two finishes. As part of an introductory offer, each pen comes housed in a stylish heavyweight stainless steel storage canister for no extra charge. Turtle has plans to expand the range of pens to include other innovative collections and designs of such coolest gadgets.

Turtle is no doubt at the beginning of a long journey. Entering a market that is dominated by several big businesses is either very brave or just stupid. However, it was once said “if you build it, they will come.”

Turtle is offering worldwide shipping direct from their website.



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