Hands on with the Cubik speakers from Palo Alto

17 Mar

At CES last January, I ran into Palo Alto’s booth and discovered their very cool speakers. I finally had a chance to try them out, and I was amazed that something so small could produce sound so large.

From what I have read, the sound is possible due to digital audio amplifier technology, which can amplify a digital audio signal without converting this signal to analog. This makes for some very crystal-clear sound, as well as its high-resolution digital signal processing. This is apparently the first time full digital amplification technology is offered in a computer speaker.

These coolest gadgets are really designed for the laptop or desktop computer. Installation was pretty simple. Once the wires were all connected, it was about plugging it into the wall and then into a spare USB port. After a few seconds, my computer recognized the speakers and the big sound was here.

I wish there is a way I could describe the great sound these Cubik speakers produce. If it is any help, they have 2.5 inch metal cone full-range driver for great bass. You should be able to get the Palo Alto Audio Design Cubik Digital Hi-Fi Multimedia speakers at the Apple store for a price of $199.95.


Source from CoolestGadgets


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