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Samsung unveils strongest Plasma TV Line-up for 2011

19 Mar

Plasma TV technology has been called out many times to be on the way out, but LCD and even the new LED LCD technology is still not matching the Plasma image quality. I am a big Plasma fan and apparently Samsung is seeing the success Panasonic has with their always strong Plasma line-up. The 2011 line represents Samsung’s broadest range of plasma TVs, with 15 new electronic gadgets across six product series. Its new Plasma+1 narrow bezel design delivers larger screen sizes than previously available.

Do not get me wrong, premium LED LCD TV panels deliver outstanding image quality, but there is something about Plasma that appeals more to me. It is more organic. LCD technology is “cold”. A good comparison is that people prefer a regular light bulb over the cold light LED lamps are emitting. In any case I appreciate the new strong line-up of Samsung Plasma TVs to keep Panasonic on its toes.

The Samsung Plasma D8000 and D7000 Series TVs feature Samsung’s signature brushed metal bezel design that was widely popular with the 2010 LED TV line, while the D550 series sports the trademark Touch of Color design. New in 2011, Samsung’s unique Quad Stand will be introduced to the plasma D8000 series to offer the elegance associated with a luxury product.  Samsung says the new Plasma TVs are only 1.5-inches deep.

The new D8000, D7000 and D6500 are equipped with Samsung Smart Hub. The Samsung Smart Hub offers Search, Video recommendations, web browser and Samsung Apps. Connecting to Smart Hub and the Internet is easy right out of the box. Built-in Wi-Fi is included across Samsung’s ultra-slim plasma portfolio – the D8000, D7000 and D6500 Series electronic gadgets.

Samsung will include 3D in three-quarters of its plasma portfolio in 2011. If I would need to buy a new TV right now, I still would say no to 3D. 3D lost quite some steam. I really wonder if the industry manages to drum up interest again for Q4 and the crucial Black Friday shopping season.

The 15 new Samsung 2011 Plasma TVs will be available depending on the model this and next months. Below is a table with the list prices of all new Samsung Plasma models. Amazon will offer the new Samsung Plasma TVs way below list price as soon as they become available.

LG G Slate experiences delay, now look towards April date

19 Mar

Internal documents of a company have pointed to the release of the LG G Slate this coming March 23rd via T-Mobile, and for those living outside of the US, that might be known as the Optimus Pad in the region where you’re residing in. TmoNews, however, has something slightly different from what has been reported so far – the US-targeted G Slate might just see a delay with the launch date being changed to April 20, with pre-orders most likely being made available prior. Any idea on the delay? Could the recent earthquake in Japan actually affect what tech gadgets LG is intending to bring to the markets? We don’t think so, but perhaps it is always better to fix something good and proper before rolling it out than to be an early mover plagued with problems.


Source from ubergizmo

iPad Scalpers Buy Out Apple Flagship Store

19 Mar

With sell outs, long lines, and repeatedly pushed-back shipping times, it’s perhaps not surprising that the scalpers are getting into the iPad 2 business in a big way. The tablets are currently selling for exorbitant amounts online, through sites like eBay. Resellers also have plans to sell the things in China.

The New York Post has a piece about the lengths scalpers are going to clean out Apple locations, namely the company’s flagship glass storefront on 59th street. The paper illustrated a scene in which five men walked down a line of roughly 200 people, handing out $100 dollar bills to pick up the electronic gadgets (and keep with Apple’s strict per-person limit).

“The ones we bought today are already on their way to China,” the “ringleader” told the paper. “It’s been pretty crazy.” The iPad 2 can apparently resell for as much as $2,000 a piece–well over double the asking price of the most expensive model.