Toshiba to shut down LCD assembly line in Japan for a month

20 Mar

Toshiba has announced that they will be closing down their LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) assembly line for a month at the very least, and this has resulted in PC manufacturer Lenovo voicing their concerns that they are suffering from a parts shortage. Toshiba is also joined by Hitachi during a similar time period, and it is most likely that such a disruption to might result in a global supply shortage which in turn will dent corporate profits and economic growth across the board. Just how does Toshiba’s plant closure impact the world? For starters, that place supplies the mobile phone industry and auto makers navigation displays, comprising of around 5% of the global small LCD display market. Take your time, Toshiba – lives are more important than making sure everyone has got their LCD fix.

Do you love its hi tech gadgets?


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