Smartfish Engage Keyboard adjusts to prevent strain and injury

22 Mar

This keyboard from Smartfish tracks your typing patterns and adjusts itself to avoid stress and fatigue.

With the amount of jobs that require staring at a computer all day long multiplying like rabbits, plus our desire to continue typing on various coolest gadgets when we get home at night, the risk for stress and injury is no laughing matter. The Engage Keyboard ($150) from Smartfish uses ErgoMotion technology to help better the way you type. Its curved design and separated keyboard aim to eliminate the natural stress that occurs from typing, but the real design feat is in the company’s ErgoMotion technology, which uses motion of the keyboard to prevent the stress that comes from constantly typing in the exact same position. The intelligent keyboard actually tracks your typing patterns and determines slight adjustments it can make to ensure that your hands are never in a fixed state. It can even adjust itself to help correct someone who types in a poor position. Considering we’d all like to use our hands into old age, an intelligent keyboard seems like something we could get used to.


Source from digitaltrends

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