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SuperTooth HD – Hey Mom! I’m Texting and Driving

23 Mar

My daughter is only 8, but I’m already worried about when she starts driving. I keep saying that all the high tech distractions we face, will be gone by the time I have to worry about her. I thought I was just making myself feel better, but no, things really are changing. It looks like we already have the option to text, dial our phones and use Facebook, without ever taking our eyes off the road. Phew!

SuperTooth is launching the SuperTooth HD– the most advanced Bluetooth speakerphone on the market today, it has three times the power than other models and it allows drivers to answer incoming calls, select pre-dialed phone numbers, check battery level or retrieve voicemail via voice. The SuperTooth Handsfree Assistant feature, powered by Dial2Do, allows drivers to compose and send Facebook, Twitter, e-mail and SMS messages via voice alone.

State-of-the-art voice commands are designed to provide a hands-free solution for phone use in the car. The tech gadgets of SuperTooth HD feature two speakers with a 5 watt audio output, 5.4 watt amplifier and built-in dual microphones to pick up voices more clearly. Just clip the SuperTooth HD onto the car’s sun visor, no installation required.

Watch for the SuperTooth HD in April for around $129 with a USB cable and a car charger included. It’s compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled phones, including iPhones, BlackBerrys and other smartphones with an Android OS or Windows Mobile operating system. The dial2do service is about $6.00 bucks a month and is required for speech to text services.


Steve Jobs: “We Have No Plans To” Kill Off iPod Classic

23 Mar

The iPod Classic is a favorite for those who have a large music library and need to take it with them. An avid iPod Classic fan e-mailed Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs a while back concerned that the company was planning to kill off the device since there were a lack of updates. Jobs replied back to the email via his iPhone stating, “We have no plans to.” According to MacRumors, the email appeared legitimate and was revealed today.

The largest member, capacity wise, in the current iPod family is the classic and it was introduced back in 2005. Apple has focused its efforts on its more popular siblings the iPod nano and iPod touch the two electronic gadgets. It still sports the click-wheel and design-wise it looks a little dated. The only changes to the 160 GB iPod classic recently are the price and thickness.

There is hope for fans of the iPod classic that a new version could come out soon, as Toshiba has produced a 220 GB hard drive that could fit into the current iPod classic’s form factor. Fans will just have to wait to see if the largest iPod of the family does indeed survive, but for now they can find comfort in the words supposedly from Jobs’ himself.

Water-Powered Color-Changing LED Shower Head

23 Mar

Besides adding a little ‘bling’ or pizazz to your bathroom, color changing LED-equipped shower heads are often touted as having chroma-therapeutic benefits. Whether or not that’s true is beyond my area of expertise, but I know for a fact that this particular LED shower head most definitely has medical benefits, in that it will prevent you from accidentally getting a nasty burn.

Coolest tech gadgets!

Instead of flashing in random discotheque-like colors and patterns, the LEDs in this shower head indicate the temperature of the water. Oddly enough green is used in to indicate temperatures below 90°F, blue covers 91 to 105°F and red is about 107 to 113°F. Anything above 114°F will cause the shower head to flash red, letting you know it might be wise to add some cold water into the mix. And don’t worry about having to run power to the shower head. An internal generator powered by the flow of the water provides enough electricity for the temperature monitor and LEDs to do their thing. Available from Chinavasion for ~$13.


Source from ohgizmo

I’m Sure There’s Lots Of Demand For A $1,300 Morse Code Signal Lamp These Days Right?

23 Mar

I’m not saying it will never be useful, I’m just saying I’m finding it hard to see how anyone could justify dropping $1,300 on a decorative morse code lamp, even if it is fully functional. It’s got seven louvers covering the 13 1/2-inch lamp which are controlled by a metal handle, and the aluminum and brass finishes give it an authentic look that I’m sure any family member who served in the Navy in the late 1800’s will appreciate. Though in lieu of the carbon arc lamps of yesteryear it uses a single 100-watt bulb of your choosing for your illumination. So purists beware! Available from where other than Hammacher Schlemmer. Coolest gadgets

Source from ohgizmo

PolyPly the device for everything Apple

23 Mar

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t own any electronic device without a big, bright Apple logo on the back, then this ingenious contraption is for you.

Designed by art and design student Andrew Seunghyun Kim, the PolyPly is essentially just a stand to organize all of your Apple tech gadgets in one place. Made from acrylic plastic, birch and birch plywood it can hold an iPad, iPod, iPhone 4 and a stylus or pen.

There don’t seem to be any plans to sell the product yet, but we’re sure that Apple fans all over the globe would love the chance to showcase and house all of their gadgets within such a sleek and well-designed piece of equipment.


Source from popgadget

Kawasaki Synergy concept race bike

23 Mar

The Kawasaki Synergy concept bike seems to be a race bike designed by transport design Coventry University designer Piers Prendergast who reveals its sustainable concept bike. This ecologically conscious race bike is a zero emission replica which is powered by hydrogen fuel cells.

This green bike is designed to change the vision of traditional environmentally friendly bikes. The cunning design includes its angular bodywork making it look like a sporty model and advanced hubless wheels to make it a real stunner while its driving range is almost 150 miles. How cool such gadgets for men!

This is expected to be a like sport bike with performance of 125cc to 250cc thanks to its 5kW fuel cells. Its up to date wheels operate through a strongly positioned inner rim as well as spinning outer rim which rotates on internal bearings.

Mostly the rear wheel works as a huge bearing while the tire is fixed to the outer rim. As electromagnet rotates the outer rim, its center remains unchanged. The electromagnet is also capable of regaining some power via regenerative braking. Compressed hydrogen fuel cylinders are positioned in the fuel tank.


Source from sexygadgets

Samsung: Glasses-free 3D TV “within the next 10 years will be difficult”

23 Mar

Samsung has clarified its position on large-scale glasses-free 3D TV production, denying earlier reports that a potentially 55-inch set could be in the pipeline for release within the next three years. According to a new Samsung statement given to SlashGear, while Samsung’s R&D is up to a glasses-free set, “attempts to put glasses-free 3D TV to market within the next 10 years will be difficult.”

Full statement after the cut

“Considering our current technology, Samsung can make glasses-free 3D TV at the R&D level. However, it can only be viewed from a few viewing spots. To make naturally viewed glasses-free 3D TV, for instance in a living room where several people can watch TV from various angles, the technology needs to deliver 3D to at least 32 viewing spots.

We believe that creating a prototype for lab-grade glasses-free 3D TV, broadcasting system and display will take about five years. For mass commercialization to become possible, manufacturing costs must come down and TV broadcasters will have to upgrade infrastructure, which includes securing transmission bandwidth.

Attempts to put glasses-free 3D TV to market within the next 10 years will be difficult” Samsung Electronics

The issue with larger-scale 3D sets that don’t rely on active or passive glasses is that they only have a limited number of “sweet spots” or angles from which the 3D effect is visible. Samsung suggests “at least 32″ is required for a commercial launch, i.e. 32 positions from which viewers could see the picture in 3D.

In the 55-inch prototype shown recently, there were a total of nine angles supported, far short of what Samsung believes is the minimum necessary. So, the dream of being able to watch 3D without glasses in the living room won’t arrive any time soon, unless you’re content squinting at your HTC EVO 3D.

The Ultimate Motorcycle Side Car for Men

23 Mar

apparently some dude (François Knorreck) spent 10 years, 10,000 work hours and 15,000 Euros building the Snaefell, a motorcycle with the ultimate side car.  I was sort of hoping that the bike could detach from the side car and be independently propelled, but as you can see from the overhead shot it’s one complete body; a Unibody (wink) of sorts.  I have to question how well it handles, but considering its uniqueness does it really matter? isn’t the best gadgets for men?

Acronym’s Handsfree Circdiscover iPad Bag Costs Almost As Much As The iPad Itself

23 Mar

There’s a sucker born every minute, but without them who would keep designer luxury brands in business? We all know the iPad costs far less to build than its $499 price tag, but paying a bit of a markup is ok since deep down we all know a lot of R&D and design went into its creation. This Circdiscover iPad Bag from Acronym though? Not even close.

These new electronics are made from something called ‘Dimension Polytant® Superlight X-PAC’ fabric reinforced with Cordura, but that, and the fact that it can be worn horizontally or vertically and allows for ‘handsfree’ iPad usage, doesn’t even come close to justifying its ludicrous $483 price tag. If it was made from another iPad, maybe I can see some justification for it costing so much, but it’s not. You’re basically just paying for a brand name I’ve never heard of. And I’m a guy obsessed with bags and cases.

Mozilla Firefox 4 RC for Android and Maemo now up for grabs

23 Mar

If you’re liking what Firefox 4 for mobile already offers in its previous beta builds, then you’ll certainly want to check out its release candidate that went live on Monday — just less than six months after the browser when beta. According to Mozilla, this new build provides a better overall user experience with faster scrolling and improved Firefox Sync, along with other tech gadgets like Awesome Screen smart shortcuts, tabbed browsing, Firefox Add-ons, and Persona themes. Sounds a lot like its desktop sibling (which has a healthy 4.9 million downloads already), doesn’t it? Head over to the source page for the Android and Maemo download links, or you can have a look at Mozilla’s latest video after the break if you need some convincing.


Source from Engadget