Amazon Appstore Launches

23 Mar

Amazon has launched its Appstore today and with that launch, it’s giving away a free download of the new Angry Birds Rio game. At the moment, Amazon has launched the app store in the US only and it isn’t known just yet when it will hit the UK and other countries.

With the launch of the appstore, Amazon is also giving away a paid app each day for free.

At the moment, there’s about 3800 apps available to look through on the web based service as well as in the Android app that Amazon has created. The app is side-loaded on to the device and when installed, you can browse around apps just like on the Android Market software.

Although the app store seems to have a decent collection of apps, as well as special offers, a number of people are asking what the point of it is. The reason for this question is that apps are available on the Android Market (bar a few). To help answer that a little, Amazon is trying to create a better experience for the user as the current Android Market can be a bit of a pain to use. Amazon hope that with the sheer size of its company that it will entice users over to its service.

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