AT&T Gets Two New Toys: The HTC HD7S and the LG Thrill 4

23 Mar

Look at these two new tech gadgets, as follows:


You know the T-Mobile HTC HD7? Take it (and its 1 GHZ CPU, 5 megapixel camera, 4.3″ display, and Windows-Phone-7-poweredness) and bump the screen up to a super LCD. Oh, and add a fancy S at the end. That’s the HD7S.

LG Thrill 4G:

Finally! A glasses-free 3D smartphone comes to the US! Everyone was waiting for that, right? .. right? Anyone?

Ah well — Love it or Hate it, the 3D smartphone train is a comin’, and it looks like AT&T’s going to be first off the block. It’s got a dual 5-megapixel camera setup for 3D stereoscopic photos, a dual-core 1GHZ CPU, 16 gigs of internal storage (plus 8 GB included out of the box on microSD), and HDMI out. It’s runnin Android 2.2

Alas, AT&T makes no mention of price nor specific dating for either handset, outside of saying the HD7S will launch (in the coming weeks.)


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