Sprint Brings The HTC Flyer Tablet Stateside As The EVO View 4G

23 Mar

Remember the HTC Flyer, that 7″ tablet that HTC debuted at Mobile World Congress last month? Have you been hopin’ and prayin’ that it would come stateside? Well, friend your wildest dreams have just come true.

We’re at Sprint’s press conference, where ol’ yeller has just announced that they’re bringing the Flyer stateside as the EVO View 4G tech gadgets. If you want a tablet, but don’t want an iPad or a Xoom, and don’t mind running Android 2.2 rather than 3.0 for the next few weeks — that’s getting pretty niche, isn’t it? — this is the tablet for you.

The Specs:
HTC Sense
7 Inch Display running at 1024×600
1.5 Ghz Snapdragon CPU
8-megapixel rear camera
1.3-megapixel front camera
15 oz
Plus it comes with a fancy stylus!

Source from MobileCrunch



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