Iomega ScreenPlay DX HD Media Player/Server launched

25 Mar

Iomega has just announced the ScreenPlay DX HD Media Player/Server which will play nice with an Internet connection – nay, it cannot live without one. Boasting an internal storage capacity of up to 2TB, it will let you access various services such as Netflix and Pandora, and with DLNA certification, you can connect to other compatible devices in the household sans wires. Also, with support for 1080p video playback as well as Dolby / DTS decoding, you can be sure that your eyes and ears will be treated to a feast each time you fire up the ScreenPlay DX. 802.11n Wi-Fi connectivity is provided in the form of an adapter, and a wireless QWERTY keyboard does its job to help you navigate through apps and a handful of web pages. The 1TB ScreenPlay DX HD Media Player won’t burn too large of a hole in your pocket, retailing for $229.99, while you can double the amount of storage space by forking out another $70. Coolest gadgets!


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