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Lenovo gets serious with cubicle-approved ThinkStation E30 and ThinkCentre M81 desktops

29 Mar

They’re a far cry from being beautiful, but they’re also tremendously more powerful than that joke-of-a-machine you’re using now. In an effort to help those who live and breathe within Excel experience a life filled with fewer frustrations, Lenovo is cranking out a pair of new desktops for the working world. Both the electronic gadgets of ThinkStation E30 and ThinkCentre M81 can be outfitted with Intel’s Sandy Bridge CPUs, and the E30 can be equipped with an 80GB or 160GB SSD, NVIDIA’s Quadro / NVS graphics, up to 16GB of memory, USB 3.0 and a SATA III interface. The M81 steps down a bit with integrated Intel graphics (or a discrete ATI option), but both rigs are optimized for fast start up and shut down time under Lenovo’s Enhanced Experience (EE) 2.0 for Windows 7 program. The bad news? $629 and $599 starting points in order of mention, and you’ll have to wait until late April / early May to get your grubby paws around one. Full release is after the break, per usual.

Source from Engadget

3DS Black Screen of Death Starts Appearing

29 Mar

The Nintendo 3DS launched a few days ago in the UK and it seems that reports of what is being described as a “black screen of death” are now appearing on line.

The error message, available below, says “An error has occurred. Hold down the POWER button to turn off the power, then turn it on and try again. If the problem persists, please contact your local customer support centre. For contact details of these tech gadgets, check the Operations manual or visit”

The error seems to be happening on various games although one user found it happened while playing a particular game online and that when his WiFi signal was low he saw the message more often. Perhaps it is just a signal error and how the 3DS doesn’t know how to handle a drop of signal. Either way, if it’s software then expect a fix for it.

iOS 5 Could Bring More Graphics Driven UI Elements

29 Mar

We just mentioned that WWDC2011 will be happening in June. What we now hear is that iOS 5 could well be revealed at the conference although it might actually be not pushed out till September this year.

Some recent patents hint that Apple is working on making elements of the UI more graphical. What this means is that contacts could change from the plan scrolling text list to thumbnails of the people you want to call. The same could be said for music lists and other lists within the UI.

“Unlike an alphabetically organized address book, this interface may allow [the] electronic device… to provide an address book that is intuitive to the user, and may enable a user to quickly call a number of users from the same contact group in succession,”

We don’t know for sure where Apple is headed with iOS 5 tech gadgets, but expect to see some visual changes as well as more user friendly features being embedded.

Nintendo 3DS Chip Gets Taken Apart, Memory Specs Found

29 Mar

After a thorough teardown of the 3DS tech gadgets and its components, Chipworks was able to figure out how much RAM the 3DS has. X-raying the chip in question, the Fujitsu MB82M8080-07L, led to a special model code being discovered inside the die. From the number Chipworks was able to conclude that the 3DS comes with 128 MB of RAM. The speed of the chip is claimed by Fujitsu to be 3.2 GB/s, which is about double that of DDR2′s capability.

Now, wouldn’t it be easier if Nintendo just mentioned that, without having to all X-ray on the thing? That’s Nintendo: making things difficult since Battletoads.


[via iFixit]

Intel rolls out third-generation SSD 320 Series drives

29 Mar

It’s had quite a run, but Intel’s venerable X-25M series of SSDs has now finally been replaced by the company’s new, third-generation SSD 320 Series. Those electronic gadgets rely on some brand new 25nm Intel NAND flash memory, and are available in capacities ranging from 40GB to 160GB for mere mortals, plus some higher capacity 300GB and 600GB models for particularly demanding users. What’s more, Intel is quick to boast that the new drives are actually 30 percent cheaper than the previous generation, with prices running from just $89 for 40GB to $1,069 for that 600GB drive. Head on past the break for the official press release, and check out the more coverage links below for some early reviews.


Source from Engadget

Panasonic And Partners Announce New M-3DI Active-Shutter 3D Standard

29 Mar

Because the world of 3D isn’t confusing enough already! Yes, a new standard is rising, led by Panasonic and joined by a number of partners. M-3DI is a new “can we all just agree on this” standard for active-shutter 3D systems. What differentiates it from the systems that don’t follow its standard? Nothing, it appears, except that M-3DI devices will all work with each other. I guess that’s something.

So Panasonic and Xpand 3D are the leaders, and Hitachi, Mitsubishi, ViewSonic, and several other manufacturers are joining the fun. What about Sony, Samsung, LG, and the others, you ask? Not involved. You’ll have to use their glasses tech gadgets.

Of course, the active shutter generation of 3D is going to be obsolete in a year or two once polarized or glasses-free takes over. I’m glad Panny is trying to smooth out the active-shutter landscape, but I can’t get excited when I’ve never liked the technology and know it’s on its way out.

Smart Fortwo ED gets official EPA ratings: 94 MPG city, 79 MPG on the highway

29 Mar

Looks like “Team 250” is primed to add a few new members now that the EPA has revealed its official MPGe ratings for Smart’s Fortwo EDs. Rated at 94 miles-per-gallon in the city and 79 on the highway, the car takes motorists 63 miles per charge — making it slightly less able than Nissan’s Leaf with its 73 mile range, 106 MPG in town, and 92 MPG on the open road.

Coolest gadgets for men!

Now that the Fortwo ED has its governmental blessing, interested parties can lease one from selected dealers — sorry folks, buying’s not an option — for a hefty $599 per-month, which seems staggeringly high compared to the $349 monthly lease rate for the larger, more capable Leaf. Perhaps the Smart squad won’t be getting many new teammates after all.


Source from Engadget

HTC EVO 3D coming to Europe, keeping the sexy name and specs

29 Mar

Earlier this year, HTC allowed its previously Verizon-exclusive brand name out to prowl the globe with the Incredible S, and now it’s doing the same with the heretofore Sprint-only EVO moniker. The EVO 3D tech gadgets, says a tweet from HTC’s French mouthpiece, are coming to the land of baguettes, stylish mustaches and stripy pullovers, though a little bit of mystery remains as to when exactly its arrival shall be. Whatever the schedule (the EVO 3D’s set for a “summer” release in the US), the rest of Europe’s unlikely to be left out, meaning a 4.3-inch superphone with a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 1080p video recording in 2D and 720p in 3D, HTC’s newest Sense skin and Android’s freshest Gingerbread build, is headed out to the Old Wold. And that, fellow pilgrims, is a mighty awesome thing indeed.


Source from Engadget

Toshiba Satellite L655-S5098 – P P6100

29 Mar

The Toshiba Satellite L655-S5098 – P P6100 features a 15.6” HD display with LED backlighting. Even on the go this Satellite electronic gadgets offer full mobility with high performance. Users expect many features and this L series support all aspects of the users day to day digital lives. The RAM memory is 3 GB/ 8GB maximum with the DDR3 SDRAM- 1066 MHz technology. The picture quality is good in the video graphic processor because of the Intel HD graphics Dynamic Video Memory Technology5.0. AC 120/230 voltages are powered externally, and 6-cell Lithium ION keeps the system charged for up to 5 hours.

Samsung Galaxy mini available on T-Mobile

29 Mar

The Samsung Galaxy mini is now available on T-Mobile, and has been confirmed as being in stock.

The Galaxy mini, also available in White, is Samsung‘s latest affordable electronic gadgets and as you would expect, its offers a miniature smartphone experience. The pint-sized mobile sports a 3.15-inch touchscreen, displaying Samsung’s social TouchWiz UI and a host of pre-loaded Google widgets. It may be small, but it still offers the full Froyo package, including built-in GPS, Facebook and Twitter integration and access to the Android Market. On its rear, the Samsung Galaxy mini features a 3 megapixel camera, capable of recording video footage at 15 frames per second. That’s not all, as it also features HSDPA and WiFi speeds, up to 32GB of storage and a powerful 1200mAh battery.

The Samsung Galaxy mini is now available to order on pay monthly deals with T-Mobile. Prices start from just £11.06/month, once cashback from 11 months free line rental has been claimed from a 2 year £24.42/month contract. This deal includes a free handset, 300 minutes, 300 texts and 500MB data. These cool electronic gadgets is also available on O2, Orange and Vodafone, from £8.51/month.

The Samsung Galaxy mini is also available on Pay As You Go with O2, Orange, T-Mobile and Vodafone, from £149.99.