Panasonic And Partners Announce New M-3DI Active-Shutter 3D Standard

29 Mar

Because the world of 3D isn’t confusing enough already! Yes, a new standard is rising, led by Panasonic and joined by a number of partners. M-3DI is a new “can we all just agree on this” standard for active-shutter 3D systems. What differentiates it from the systems that don’t follow its standard? Nothing, it appears, except that M-3DI devices will all work with each other. I guess that’s something.

So Panasonic and Xpand 3D are the leaders, and Hitachi, Mitsubishi, ViewSonic, and several other manufacturers are joining the fun. What about Sony, Samsung, LG, and the others, you ask? Not involved. You’ll have to use their glasses tech gadgets.

Of course, the active shutter generation of 3D is going to be obsolete in a year or two once polarized or glasses-free takes over. I’m glad Panny is trying to smooth out the active-shutter landscape, but I can’t get excited when I’ve never liked the technology and know it’s on its way out.


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