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Videotron parent company tries to push iPhones off its TV network in Quebec

30 Mar

What happens when a giant media company owns both a wireless carrier and a television network? Shenanigans — or at least that’s what now seems to be going on in la belle province of Quebec, where the parent company of cable and wireless provider Videotron and television network TVA has seemingly decided to throw its weight around a bit. Apparently, some folks from Quebecor Inc. recently realized that a number of television shows produced for TVA featured iPhones tech gadgets somewhat prominently, which just so happens to be a phone that isn’t offered by its Videotron subsidiary.

Their solution? Ask the shows’ producers to feature phones that are available on Videotron instead, like the Nexus One — provided free of charge, of course. There doesn’t seem to be an outright iPhone ban, however, and at least one show has apparently been given specific permission to let its characters continue using their iPhones tech gadgets — although another show’s producer says he “wouldn’t be surprised” if such a ban was eventually put in place.


Source from Engadget

BlackBerry PlayBook FAQ confirms native email, calendar and contacts apps, just not at launch

30 Mar

The native app situation on the BlackBerry PlayBook has been one point of contention since the device was first announced, and there’s still a fair bit of confusion even now, less than a month from launch. We now have a fairly definitive answer for one key question, however, although it may not be the one you were hoping for.

According to an official FAQ provided for a Verizon webinar, the PlayBook electronic gadgets will indeed be getting native email, calendar and contacts apps in a “future software update,” but you’ll have to make do without them initially. That means either relying on the PlayBook’s web browser, or using the “Bridge” mode to access the apps on your BlackBerry smartphone. So, the PlayBook may not technically be “reliant” on a BlackBerry, but it is certainly handy to have one around.

Source from Engadget

Logitech K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard Review

30 Mar

When you have companies slapping solar cells on everything from cell phones to backpacks so they can tie on recycled-cardboard tags with hemp cord, call them green, and charge twice the price, it’s easy to get jaded and dismiss solar electronic gadgets as gimmicks. Until about the third time you have to replace or recharge the batteries in your wireless keyboard, and realize a solar panel would eliminate that need forever. Like calculators and watches, Logitech’s K750 proves that wireless keyboards make ideal candidates for solar-panel transplants, giving users both convenience and a clear conscience.


Conveniently solar powered
Solid wireless connectivity
Dead simple setup
Useful solar app
Quiet and solid feeling
Surprisingly affordable


Shallow Chiclet design
Glossy chassis shows smudges, dust
No indicator lights for caps lock, etc.


Forget any notion of “going green” or saving the planet with a solar-powered keyboard, the K750 sells itself with convenience alone. Never have to replace a battery or recharge a keyboard again? Sign us up. Steep prices often kill the appeal of electronic gadgets like these, but Logitech’s letting these go for a reasonable $79.99, which strikes us as a small premium for the convenience of never changing a battery again (the company’s cheapest wireless keyboard goes for $49.99 and doesn’t have quite the style of the K750). Unless you disdain laptop-style keys and scoff at the idea of swabbing down your keyboard for dust now and then, Logitech’s K750 makes a sleek and practical addition to any desk.

Canon To Auction Off Some Shiny Colored T3s To Benefit Japan

30 Mar

I wish every Canon could come in shiny colors like these T3s. But no, they are only limited editions, and tomorrow Canon will release these tech gadgets with matching camouflage straps and protective wraps. The special editions are a part of Fashion Week, where Canon will be hosting some events, during which four of these cameras auctioned off to benefit Japan.


Pioneer’s SE-NC31C-K noise-cancelling earbuds are cheap, but are they effective?

30 Mar

Active noise cancellation’s the secret sauce that keeps us counting sheep even when surrounded by the cacophony of crying babies and the dull roar of jet engines — though we often find the bulky form factor of those serenity-inducing cans unwieldy.

Luckily for us, Pioneer has released its SE-NC31C-K noise-cancellation earbuds that promise to remove 90 percent of ambient noise at the flip of a switch on its AAA battery-powered in-line module — all for around a hundred bucks, which is a far more palatable price than its sound-suppressing brethren from Sennheiser ($320) and Sony ($415) electronic gadgets. Should you run out of juice, fear not, for you can bypass the noise cancellation features to listen to your tunage as you would with a garden variety set of buds.

Given its (relatively) bargain-basement price, we aren’t sure how well Pioneer’s latest nullifies ambient noise, but there’s only one way to find out if they can give the best headset ever made a run for its money. Should you not share our skepticism, hit the source link and grab a pair for yourself.

Source from Engadget

Fujifilm resumes production on X100 cameras, new-age vintage is rolling again

30 Mar

Fujifilm has a hit on its hands with the retrotastic X100 camera tech gadgets, selling for a whopping $1,200 but still flying off shelves. That popularity resulted in some shortages, and a stoppage of production due to the disaster in Japan made that situation worse. Now the company is announcing a resumption of production, so the 12.3 megapixel compact with a 23mm fixed lens should be hitting store shelves again in the next week or so. Place your orders now, if you haven’t already, and get that sepia filter warmed up so that your pictures can look as vintage as what you’re shooting them with.

Source from Engadget


Samsung’s 11.6-inch 9 Series laptop official at $1,199, still comes with 64GB SSD

30 Mar

An Italian demonstrator gave us hope, but now we’re empty inside — the exceptionally thin 11.6-inch version of Samsung’s 9 Series electronic gadgets will indeed come with a puny 64GB solid state drive. Well, perhaps empty is a bit of an exaggeration, as the machine’s gorgeous duralumin curves fill our hearts with joy, as does the comparatively inexpensive $1,199 price tag that Sammy just confirmed on its website. And hey, we know of an Engadget editor making do with just 60GB of storage in his notebook, so it’s not an untenable thing — but when Samsung’s marketing materials proudly boast that “You’ll have room to bring it all with you with the 64GB drive,” it’s hard to repress the tears. That said, if “portable” is your middle name, you’ll find all the pre-orders you need at our source link.

Source from Engadget

Acer Iconia Dual-Screen Touchbook Shipping April

30 Mar

After a few months of seeing pictures of the Acer Iconia, we now hear it’s actually going to be shipping in the next few weeks.

The Iconia is a dual-screen Touchbook that allows users to work with two 14 inch touchscreens. When opened like a laptop, a virtual keyboard can be set on the lower screen while a regular OS running on the top screen.

The technical specs reveal that these electronic gadgets runs an Intel Core i5 chip. The operating system is Windows 7 and the screens are covered in Gorilla glass to make it extra strong.

As for pricing, it will cost $1,199.99 when it launches in a few weeks time.

Estimates Point To 3 Million Nooks Color Sold

30 Mar

Digitimes “sources” are stating that 3 million Nooks Color have rolled off the assembly line and into stores over the past year, giving the Nook Color electronic gadgets firmly at 50% of the “iPad-like” tablet market. They estimated 600,000-700,000 sales per month in January and February during the post-holiday gift card redemption season.

These numbers are actually quite impressive, especially for a relatively underpowered $249 tablet (or, if looked at another way, a wildly overpowered ereader). The popularity with Android hackers and rooters explains some of the sales while others see the device as an inexpensive alternative to the iPad electronic gadgets.

via AndroidOS

HTC 7 Pro available SIM free

30 Mar

The HTC 7 Pro is now available SIM free, and is confirmed as being in stock.

The HTC 7 Pro is the latest Windows Phone 7 handset to reach UK shores, and the first to feature both a touchscreen and a full QWERTY keypad. Ideal for business folk, the 7 Pro sports a slide out QWERTY keypad, ideal for typing out messages at speed. This is coupled with a 3.6-inch capacitive touchscreen, displaying Microsoft’s interactive Live Tile interface, complete with live Facebook updates, Microsoft Office and Xbox Live gaming. That’s not all, as this HTC tech gadgets also feature a 5 megapixel camera with HD video capture, HSDPA and WiFi connectivity and 8GB of internal storage.

The HTC 7 Pro is now available to order SIM free, with a price tag of £429.99. It’s also available on Pay As You Go with Orange, T-Mobile and Vodafone, from £449.99.

If you don’t fancy forking out a lump sum to get your hands on it, the HTC 7 Pro is also available on pay monthly deals with O2, Orange, T-Mobile and Vodafone. Prices on Orange start from just £24.89/month, including a free handset, 500 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB data.