Acer-Windows Phone

31 Mar

Personal computer and laptop manufacturer Acer have announced that they will be delving even further into the mobile telecommunications market this year as they revealed plans to release at least seven Windows 7 Phone run devices this Autumn. The Taiwanese company have for a long time now been a small player in the mobile market, happy to coast along in the sidelines producing decent and well received phones but never threatening to produce a phone that sells as well as models like the Samsung Galaxy S or the Nokia N8 electronic gadgets.

Now though it seems as if they are ready to make serious inroads into the market as the devices, to be launched alongside three tablets as well, are already getting people talking about Acer in a positive light.

It has already been announced that these new Acer mobiles will run on the new upgrade of Windows mobile, known as Mango and also set for an Autumn release. News of the Mango upgrade looks good as it seems Microsoft have focused on improving areas such as the browser and adding features such as copy and paste and multitasking which have been conspicuous only in their absence on previous Windows Phone devices.

This is an ambitious move from both Microsoft and Acer and time will tell whether it will be successful. The guys at Acer feel that it should be though, admitting that they expect to sell “six figures” worth of phones in the UK alone.

Acer have been producing affordable and well-made laptops for a long time now and if they can transfer this talent over to the world of smartphones and tablets electronic gadgets there is no reason why the company should not exceed its target. As we all know though, the mobile phone market is rather more complicated than that and a multitude of factors could affect Acer’s bold move.

Keep checking back to the Dialaphone website for more news as it happens on this, and other newly released mobile phones.

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