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HTC Uploads Flyer Tablet Video to Youtube

2 Apr

HTC has uploaded a video to Youtube that shows more details about the new tablet called the HTC Flyer. The video explains the benefits of the 7 inch screen in that it makes the electronic gadgets lighter and still big enough to make useful. The 7 inch screen has a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels.

We also learn that the Flyer is built using a unibody, similar to how the iPad and other Apple products are made. The Flyer tablet runs a 1.5GHz CPU and uses the Scribe pen for digital note taking.

Back to the HTC Scribe Technology, you’ll see a great demonstration in the video below on how it works. In short, the pen lets you take notes on anything on the screen. You can circle a link on a web page and write a note about it for reading later.

Overall, I have to say it looks quite impressive and suggest you take a look at reviews of these electronic gadgets when available.


Source from gadgetvenue

T-Mobile Sidekick 4G Arriving at RadioShack on April 20

2 Apr

RadioShack announced in a tweet, that the SideKick 4G will be arriving at RadioShack on April 20.

The new @TMobile Sidekick 4G tech gadgets come to The Shack on April 20! Who’s your fav sidekick? Tweet us a pic! #BestSidekickEver

With a launch date of April 20 2011, it means that three big launches will be happening at T-Mobile on the same day. The other devices launching include the LG G2x and the LG G-Slate.

As well as being available at RadioShack, T-Mobile tech gadgets will have them all available on April 20 as well which will make for a hectic day.

Will you be picking up one of these devices on April 20? All three look rather promising, especially the G-Slate.


Source from gadgetvenue

HP ePrint Ready for Google Cloud Print

2 Apr

HP has launched a range of new printers that are now compatible with Google Cloud Print. Although Google Cloud Print has been available in the past for other printers, these required an intermediate config using Chrome, to get them to work.

HP has now launched ePrint which is a system that more seamlessly integrated with Cloud Printing in that these printers don’t need to be connected to a computer to work. The new electronic gadgets from HP, allow users to connect up to their Google account and then print to those printers from a wide variety of places. To print, all you need is to do is load up a supporting app, such as Gmail and then choose to print to your HP printer. As it also works with mobile versions of Google Docs and Gmail, it also allows you to easily send something to print while you’re traveling to the office.

The full details of which printers are compatible can be found over on the HP website.

With HP ePrint-enabled printers and Google Cloud Print, it just got easier to print from your mobile device. All you need is the cloud—no drivers, no PC connection, no additional software. Google Cloud Print is supported by HP’s ePrint mobile printing portfolio, enabling you to print where life and business happens.

If you don’t have a HP ePrint printer but still want some of the benefits of cloud printing, visit the Google page for Cloud Printing and follow the instructions on how you can get it to work with your current system.


Source from gadgetvenue

Sony’s XDR-S16DBP Radio Can Sit On My Desk Anytime

2 Apr

Sony’s first jump into the DAB radio pool involves this gorgeous tabletop model. The XDR-S16DBP features a monochrome 16×2 LCD, headphone jack, dual 0.8W speakers and of course the electronic gadgets needed to pull in the digital radio signals floating over most of Europe. £79 (around $127) will put this retro set in your life. Available now in Euroland.


Source from CrunchGear

Razer Chimaera wireless Xbox 360 headset review

2 Apr

When a product takes well over a full year to go from introduction to release, it’s natural for consumer expectations to amp themselves up a notch or two tech gadgets. Such is the case with Razer’s Chimaera, an Xbox 360-centric wireless gaming headset that was initially teased at CES 2010, and just started shipping to end users early this year. The company’s been in the gaming headset business for some time now — if you’ll recall, we thoroughly enjoyed our time with the (wired) Carcharias headset right around two years back. This 2.1 system promises to give Xbox Live yappers exactly what they’ve been waiting for, but is it really worth the $129.99 entry fee? Head on past the break for our take.

For all intents and purposes, the Chimaera is a pretty simple product. There’s a wireless base station with a 3.5mm audio input jack, a 3.5mm microphone output port, a sync button (not unlike the Wiimote situation you deal with on a daily basis) and a standby button. Upon unboxing ’em, you’ll probably spend the first ten minutes trying to figure out where a pair of rechargeable AAA batteries (included, phew!) are to be inserted. Here’s a tip: rip the panel from the earcup that lacks a microphone. You’ll thank us.

The sync process is a lot easier, and while the charging stand is hardly childproof (a simple bump will have your headset tumbling), it serves the purpose without being too unsightly. The headset itself, unfortunately, is both heavy and intimidating. And by that, we mean large. Having ample padding around the top edge and on the ear cups is certainly appreciated, but unless you have a rather sizable noggin, you’ll most likely wonder how on Earth to adjust the band down. We’ve never had any issues with the sizing on any prior headset tech gadgets, but the Chimaera essentially swallowed our head, and with no way to extend the band tighter (there’s only ten notches of extension — you know, for Goliath’s intense gaming sessions), we were left in an uncomfortable pinch.

In all seriousness, we’d recommend stopping by a retail shop and trying these on before buying — it’s hard to imagine them not being too large for a huge swath of people. In an attempt to make the most of it, we kept ’em loosely draped around our skull for a bit of gaming, and while the wireless performance was stellar, we found the 3.5mm headphone input to be (also) a bit on the large side. We tried three different cables, and all of them just felt a wee bit loose. No connection troubles were noticed, but it still managed to get under our skin. Audio quality was above-average for wireless gaming headsets, but these tech gadgets certainly won’t be your go-to cans when it comes time to sink back into a sofa and enjoy an album. The lows were definitely accentuated, likely to enhance explosions often felt in first-person shooters, and we’re guessing that everything’s equalized to best suit movies and games, not music.

The fold-down boom mic was perfectly positioned, and our chats soared through loud and clear; we couldn’t help but long for a USB connection option in order to use this as a Skype headset in a pinch, but alas, no such luck. All told, the Chimaera feels like a solid product that wasn’t exactly executed to perfection — the large, bulky design turned us off right away, and the shoddy 3.5mm input didn’t do much to rebuild that lost confidence. At $129.99, you’ve simply too many other options from the likes of Turtle Beach and SteelSeries (just to name a couple), and unless your cranium is larger than most, you’ll probably have no choice but to pass this one by.

Source from Engadget

TomTom Announces Availability of VIA Series in North America

2 Apr

New Series Introduces Important Safety-Enhancing Features to Mid-Range electronic gadgets!

Concord, MA, April 1, 2011 – TomTom, the world’s leading provider of location and navigation products and services, today announced the availability of the VIA Series in the United States and Canada. The new TomTom VIA navigation devices, previously announced at the Consumer Electronics Show, offer consumers a powerful navigation experience with a sleek new design, an enhanced software platform, and premium safety-enhancing features such as Intuitive Voice Recognition and Bluetooth® Hands-Free Calling.

Offering even more choices for drivers, the new VIA Series features a range of models, including the 4.3″ VIA 1405 and 1435, as well as the 5″ VIA 1505 and 1535. Consumers will also have the option to purchase these models with Lifetime Maps and/or Lifetime Traffic**.

New Design
Drivers will travel in style with TomTom VIA’s super-slim design and its new, integrated and innovative fold-and-go EasyPort® mount. This convenient mounting system allows for easy positioning of the device either on the windshield or the dash and the device orients the display with a useful flip-screen feature.

The devices will be offered in two finishes – the VIA 1435 and 1535 features a contemporary brushed-aluminum finish, while the VIA 1405 and 1505 range offers a classic, black finish.

Premium Safety-Enhancing Features
The VIA 1435 and 1535 range offers drivers a suite of premium safety-enhancing features, including Intuitive Voice Control and Bluetooth Hands-Free calling, that allow drivers to keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.

The new and improved Intuitive Voice Recognition on the VIA 1435 and 1535 allows drivers to utilize voice commands that can be spoken naturally, in one simple step. For instance, drivers can now say “Take me to 55 Main Street, Anywhere, USA” in one simple step rather than breaking up the address by city, state, street and street number.

Smart User Interface
The VIA products will include the newest version of TomTom’s acclaimed, new navigation software to offer drivers a world-class navigation experience. Drivers will be able to plan routes easily and quickly with faster route-planning and a bright touch-screen.

Features Overview of these electronic gadgets:
– Intuitive Voice Recognition (optional)
– Bluetooth Hands-Free Calling* (optional)
– Integrated Mount with flip-screen
– Crisp, sharp graphics and intuitive user menus
– Expanded driving view on 4.3″ or 5″ touch screens
– Lifetime Traffic & Map Updates** (optional)
– Spoken Street Names
– Advanced Lane Guidance

Availability and Pricing
The VIA will be available at retail locations starting April 1. MSRP begins at $169.

LG Town C300

2 Apr

LG Town C300 is a phone from LG that has discarded the myth that rules out LG cellphones from subcontinent markets. The cellphone hosts extraordinary battery life as it offers around 700 hours of stand by time and up to 7 hours of talk time. These electronic gadgets is a QWERTY keypad based multimedia phone. It has a TFT screen of 2.4 inches. It has an internal memory of 158 MB which is expandable up to 4GB. The cellphone has a 2 megapixel camera which offers irresistible image quality. The cellphone has a pretty low price which has made it a public sweetheart.