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Toshiba intros Camileo P100 and B10 pocket camcorders, strays from tried-and-true pistol grip

8 Apr

The seasons come and go, but Toshiba’s line of Camileo pocket camcorders tend to look the same, with their pistol grips and flip-out screens. But now, Tosh is getting ready to ship two new models in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, and one of them, at least, takes the company’s design in a different direction. The B10 camcorder has a candy bar shape with a front-facing lens — much like the Flip camcorders that kicked off the pocket cam craze in the first place. The B10 tech gadgets shoot at Full HD resolution, snaps 16 megapixel stills, has 16X digital zoom, and takes SDXC cards as large as 64GB. Prefer the ole’ pistol grip? The P100 boasts the same specs and adds 8X optical zoom — still a rarity in inexpensive pocket cams. Toshiba hasn’t announced pricing yet, though the two will go on sale sometime in the second quarter. In the meantime, check out the press release for more deets.


Source from Engadget


Harmon debuts two compact 5.1 home theater sound systems

8 Apr

Harmon’s new JBL Cinema 300 and JBL Cinema 500 sounds systems offer clean 5.1 surround sound without consuming huge amounts of room space.

Home theater fans will tell you that a superior sound system is an essential element to any surround-sound setup…but anyone who has had to live with a superior sound system will also tell you it can be like watching a film from the front row of a death metal concert. Sure, there might be a movie playing somewhere, but most of what you notice is your nose pressed right up against a speaker grille. And a distinct lack of personal space.

Harman International is looking to address these concerns, announcing its new tech gadgets of JBL Cinema 300 and JBL Cinema 500 5.1 surround sound home theater packages, which claim to offer powerful, high quality audio with a small-and-stylish footprint. The systems are among the smallest that Harman has ever products, but they still deliver powerful bass, clear dialog, and highly-defined music.

“JBL was there when music was paired with film for the first time ever,” said Harman consumer division president David Slump, in a statement. “With the new Cinema series speakers, we’re truly excited to showcase the same legendary technology and expertise that made JBL famous in a way that can be experienced in the comfort of your own home.”

The systems sport four identical satellite speakers with PolyPlas cones: the 300 series have a single 3-inch driver while the 500′s satellite speakers have dual 3-inch cones and a lower crossover point. The systems also feature an 8-inch down-firing subwoofer (100 watts in the 300 series, 150 watts in the 500 series), and a center channel speaker with dual 3-inch PolyPlas tech gadgets cone that can handle up to 100 watts. All the speakers sport video shielding (so they won’t pick up buzz from your TV, and all feature JBL Weave “aesthetic” styling so they can blend with many decors.

The systems are available now, with the JBL Cinema 300 system carrying a suggested price of $499, while the JBL Cinema 500 series goes for $699.

Source from digitaltrends

Sony CEO accidentally outs possible 8MP camera in iPhone 5

8 Apr

An inadvertent slip of the tongue by Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer could confirm rumors that Apple will use the company’s 8MP camera sensor in its upcoming (but allegedly delayed) iPhone 5 electronic gadgets.

Possible details about Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5 have emerged from an unlikely source: Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer.

While speaking with the Wall Street Journal‘s Walt Mossberg at a forum at New York City’s Carnegie Hall on Friday, Stringer made an off-handed comment that may indicate that the next-generation iPhone will come loaded with an 8MP camera — a significant boost from the iPhone 4′s 5MP camera.

The comment was made by the Sony CEO while he was talking about the one of the company’s plants Senai being damaged by the tsunami that hit Japan last month. So far, Apple has sourced mobile cameras from OmniVision electronic gadgets, which provided the 5MP camera for iPhone 4 and the 3.2MP camera for the 3GS. But if interpretations of Stringer’s comment are correct, it would indicate that Apple may start buying cameras from Sony.

“Our best sensor technology is built in one of the (tsunami) affected factories,” said Stringer (as paraphrased by 9to5Mac founder Seth Weintraub, who caught the quote). “Those go to Apple for their iPhones…or iPads. Isn’t that something? They buy our best sensors from us?”

According to Electronista, interpretations that Sony is taking over Apple’s camera production are corroborated by a rumors in February that Sony was stepping in because OmniVision couldn’t have an 8MP camera sensor ready in time for Apple’s launch date. Also, Sony’s sensor, which is currently used in its Xperia Neo handset, would meet Apple’s demands of quality over megapixel quantity with its low-light, low-noise capabilities.

As 9to5Mac points out, The Street reported in April 2010 that Apple would adopt Sony’s 8MP camera for the iPhone 5. This was included in the same report that correctly predicted a 5MP camer for the iPhone 4 electronic gadgets.

Damages to Sony’s Sendai plant — which is located in one of the areas hardest hit by the devastating earthquake and resulting tsunami — could also explain why Apple is said not to be debuting the iPhone 5 during its WWDC on June 6, which has been the release event for Apple’s latest iPhone since its release of the iPhone 3G in 2008.


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HTC Droid Incredible 2 struts its stuff in leaked press shots?

8 Apr

If you had any doubts about HTC’s Incredible S electronic gadgets making it to our shores, they’re probably dissipating as we speak — not only has the phone obtained Verizon’s shiny red checkmark, it’s now got the robotic eye of Sauron staring at us with ferocious intensity. PocketNow obtained these pictures of the likely Droid Incredible 2 electronic gadgets without naming so much as an anonymous source, and we wouldn’t be surprised if it’s Verizon’s way of reminding us that the handset is rapidly on its way to market.

Update: Android Central got hold of some new shots of the actual phone itself, which shows off its model number ADR6350 and firmware 2.2.1. Thanks, Bla1ze.



Oscium’s iMSO-104 turns iPad, iPhone into mixed signal oscilloscopes

8 Apr

We’ve seen oscilloscopes repurposed as clocks and MAME machines, but we hardly ever see the pendulum swing in the opposite direction. The iMSO-104, however, actually turns your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch into an oscilloscope display. Using a Cypress Semiconductor system on a chip, the iMSO-104 electronic gadgets tout a 5MHz bandwidth and as much as 12 megasamples per second, and connects to your device by way of the dock connector — according to its maker, it’s also the world’s smallest and most portable oscilloscope. That’s all well and good, but what we really want to know is, does it support Tennis for Two? The iMSO-104 is now available for pre-order for $300, but if you’re itching to see the thing in action, you can download the corresponding app today and give it a test drive. Full PR after the break.

Source from Engadget

Galaxy S to Get Android 2.3 Gingerbread Update Very Soon

8 Apr


The Samsung Galaxy S tech gadgets will get an update to Android 2.3 Gingerbread as early as this month from what we hear today. No exact date has been provided, but we have been informed that we could expect the update sometime mid-April.

We can assume at the moment that the update will be for unlocked handsets not tied down to a specific contract. However, the Three network in the UK has also stated that the Galaxy S on its network will be arriving within the next couple of weeks.

The confirmation came in the form of a tweet from the official Three twitter account and read as follows:

@relentl3ss It’s expected in the next couple of weeks but we cannot confirm a date.

This was in response to a question asking about the Android 2.3 update.

The Samsung website also makes mention of 2.3, along with the April release date. Remember that Samsung isn’t the best when sticking to dates, so don’t get your hopes up too high at the moment.

Barnes & Noble Now Allows Nook App Submissions

8 Apr

arnes & Noble just announced that they’re opening their Nook platform to developers and will now begin accepting apps. If you thought this was a great opportunity to submit your “Fart Blaster” or “Ragdoll Boobies” app, think again: B&N will be running an “app review/acceptance process that will follow the company’s content acceptance policies as with books to ensure the content is appropriate for the Barnes & Noble customer.”

Developers also have access to more debug electronic gadgets on the Nook and a set of forums to talk about programming tips and tricks. All of these will be available at

Barnes & Noble is providing qualified developers access to a variety of tools and resources to accelerate the development of their apps including:
Access to “Developer Mode” services, which will enable adb (Android Debugging Bridge) access on NOOK Color to facilitate application development and debugging
Public and private interaction with other developers and NOOK App Developer technical experts
Early access to development tools, APIs, resources and services
An app review/acceptance process that will follow the company’s content acceptance policies as with books to ensure the content is appropriate for the Barnes & Noble customer.

B&N has been working on a dev platform since the launch of the Nook and this move finalizes the app submission and approval process for the hordes of folks looking to build content for the electronic gadgets and, presumably, sell it in the Nook store.

Acer Reveals 10.1-inch Honeycomb Packard Bell Liberty Tab

8 Apr

Say hello to the Packard Bell Liberty Tab. This 10.1-inch Nvidia Tegra 2 tablet packs Honeycomb and all the rest of goodies pretty much standard on next-gen Android tablets: dual cams, multi-touch screen, HDMI output, MicoSD card slot, and GPS. These electronic gadgets are Wi-Fi only and will be available in European retailers for an unannounced price this coming June. Ironicly the Liberty Tab won’t be sold in the States. Yeah, the US will likely get the same tablet just with Acer branding and styling.

Source from CrunchGear

Samsung HMX-U20

8 Apr

The Samsung HMX-U20 may look similar to Rip’s latest UltraHD pocket video camera, but the two devices are diametric opposites – where the UltraHD plumps for simplicity, eschewing menus and fancy extras, the HMX-U20 packs in all sorts of tech gadgets.
The headline feature is a 3x optical zoom, the first we’ve seen in this type of video camera. Maximum resolution is double that of the Flip UltraHD at 1080p/ 25fps, or you can choose to shoot at 720p and a smoother 50fps. There’s no image stabilization, but you do get 7.8-megapixel stills, a nifty time-lapse mode and stereo audio recording.
Quality is very good, at least outdoors in good light. That resolution helps it capture more detail than the Flip UltraHD can and, in 50fps mode, panning shots and action look super-smooth. Colors look more natural than on the Flip, too.
Move indoors, however, and things very quickly take a nosedive. In low light, footage looks murky and dim, and in shadowy comers we spotted a lot of colour noise, although it doesn’t suffer from the same over-aggressive compression as the UltraHD. Overall, though, the Flip is the better camera and its wider angle lens makes it a more flexible device, too.
Another area in which the HMX-U20 lags behind the UltraHD is usability. To accommodate that zoom lens, there’s a whacking great ring protruding from the front of the body, which means it isn’t as comfortable to hold. The button panel on the rear is fiddly, and the screen is unforgivably poor. The same usability problems hit the HMX-LI20′s onboard sharing and editing software, Intelli-studio. There are some nifty features, including basic timeline-based, multiclip editing, complete with text and transition tools, but it’s a fiddle to use compared with FlipShare. Plus, the HMX-U20 tech gadgets come with no integrated memory of its own; you have to add your own via a 5D card before you can even start shooting.
The Samsung HMX-U20 just isn’t in the same league as the Rip UltraHD, but it’s saved by an amazingly low price, £77 exc VAT means this camera makes a very tempting budget alternative.

Samsung UN46D6400 Reviews

8 Apr


The good: The Samsung UND6400 series offers beautiful, compact styling with an ultrathin bezel and panel for a nearly all-picture look. It produces relatively deep black levels for an edge-lit LED-based LCD TV, with accurate color in bright areas, excellent video processing, and improved 3D picture quality. The Smart Hub Internet portal boasts more apps and streaming services than the competition.

The bad: This Samsung LED TV is relatively expensive. Its picture suffers from imperfect screen uniformity and blue-tinged darker areas, while its glossy screen reflects a lot of ambient light. The UND6400’s Smart Hub lacks Amazon Instant, its search is next to useless, and its interface can be cluttered and confusing.

The bottom line: Solid overall 2D and 3D picture quality, as well as a wealth of features and beautiful looks, mark the Samsung UND6400 as one of the better edge-lit LED-based LCD TVs we’ve tested.


Samsung’s UND6400 occupies an upper-middle-class station in the company’s extensive LED-based LCD lineup for 2011electronic gadgets. It’s the least expensive model to deliver 3D, gets the full Smart TV suite of Internet options–except for the browser and QWERTY remote–and flaunts a fetchingly thin bezel and minimal design aesthetic second only to its significantly more expensive linemates such as the UND7000. Meanwhile, if you don’t mind a thicker bezel and want to boycott 3D and save $100 in the process, the UND6300 series is one alternative. The D6400, for its part, is still pretty expensive, but justifies its high sticker price with solid picture quality, beating out most edge-lit LED electronic gadgets, including the equivalent Samsung from last year. It certainly has its flaws, but it occupies a sweet spot for LED and Internet TV shoppers who don’t want to take out a second mortgage to pay for a flagship model.

Source from CNET