Sonos For Android Is Here, Devices Now Support Airplay

20 Apr

You’ve been waiting and now it’s here: Sonos has just announced the availability of the free Controller on the Android platform. It is compatible with almost all Android phones and tablets electronic gadgets and supports the standard Sonos feature set (music assignment, browsing, search) as well as a few interesting additions.

The app takes advantage of Android’s native speech recognition to offer voice search (“Zamfir, Master of the Pan Flute”) and it also highjacks your Android device’s volume keys to control the volume of the Sonos device.

The Sonos system now also supports Airplay but in a very roundabout way. If you have an Airport Express with Airplay support (or Apple TV, for that matter), you can transmit audio from an iPad, iPod, or iPhone electronic gadgets to that device using Airplay. You can then take the live stream from the Airplay device and send it to any Sonos device on your network. It’s obviously not ideal, but it works. You can still transmit audio from multiple devices (including iTunes libraries) around your network.

Sonos has been slowly but surely cementing their position as one of the premier whole-home audio solutions and these small but significant changes are a testament to their dedication to slow and steady improvement. The 3.4 update is available to Sonos users now and should download automatically when you launch the desktop application.

Source from CrunchGear


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