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Apple sues Samsung: here’s the deal

21 Apr

So we all know that Apple’s suing Samsung alleging myriad IP infringements, but you may not know what all the fuss is about. On one hand, the lawsuit is surprising because Apple gets much of the goodies it needs to build its iconic iPhones, iPads, and Macs from Sammy, and common sense dictates that you don’t bite the hand that feeds you. On the other hand, however, folks in Cupertino don’t take too kindly to copycats, and while it’s hard to put a dollar value on the brand equity Apple currently enjoys, this lawsuit shows it’s valuable enough for Apple to risk upsetting its relationship with Samsung and jeopardizing its supply chain. Having given the court docs a good read, here’s our rundown of what’s going on.

According to Apple’s complaint, phones from Samsung (particularly the Galaxy S variety) and its Galaxy Tab are eroding the efficacy of Apple’s carefully crafted brand. That brand is built, in no small part, upon the trade dress (aka the appearance and packaging) of its iDevices and its trademarked iOS icons, and Apple has spent over two billion dollars on advertising from 2007-2010 to stake out a little space in everyone’s brain that associates the iPhone’s looks and its progeny’s derivative forms with Apple. It’s worked quite well too, as Apple revealed (for the first time) in its complaint that it has sold over 60 million iPod touches electronic gadgets, 108 million iPhones, and 19 million iPads total. Problem is, Apple views the Galaxy devices, their TouchWiz UI, and packaging — with their Apple-esque appearance — as illegal infringers on its hard-earned mental real estate, and it’s suing Sammy to stop the squatting and pay for its IP trespassing ways.

Of course, Apple isn’t just dragging Samsung to court for cashing in on the iPhone image in our hearts and minds — Jobs and company have accused Sammy of infringing several of their patents, too. Apple asserts that TouchWiz and the Galaxy S infringe upon its iOS home screen and iPhone 3G design patents. Additionally, the complaint says Samsung has run afoul of several Apple utility patents for: the iOS instant messaging interface, the “bounce back” effect you get upon scrolling too far in a list or window, control and status widgets, UI status windows that disappear a set time after being opened, and scrolling and ellipse multi-touch gesture recognition. In light of these alleged mass IP infringements, Apple’s asking the court for preliminary and permanent injunctions to take Samsung’s Galaxy electronic gadgets off the market, in addition to the usual request for punitives, triple damages and lost profits. We’ve already heard that Samsung will “respond strongly” to Apple’s show of legal force, but time will tell if Sammy’s strong response comes in, or out of court. Those looking for a full breakdown of Apple’s legal claims can hit the more coverage link below.

ThinkPad Edge E220s available now for $749, runs spreadsheets like the wind

21 Apr

Lenovo has been on a bit of a tear recently. Heck, it was only yesterday that the sleek and powerful X220 and X220T tech gadgets went up for sale online. Today it’s the ThinkPad Edge E220s getting some “buy now” love.

This more budget-friendly, 3.25-pound ultraportable is shipping to consumers starting at $749 with a 250GB hard drive, Intel HD 3000 graphics, a Sandy Bridge-class Core i5, and a paltry 2GB of RAM.

You can bump that to 4GB and a Core i7, but any further upgrades will have to be performed after-market. We’re sure you didn’t expect to do a ton of heavy tasks, like video editing, on a 12.5-inch screen anyway.


Incase offers help for Japan with limited-edition iPhone 4 case

21 Apr

Help Incase raise money for relief efforts in Japan and get a simple, limited-edition iPhone 4 case as a thank you.

As with any natural disaster, media outlets bombard us with hour-by-hour coverage and concern for about a week after tragedy strikes, and then they move on to something else. It may not be on the news every night anymore, but the earthquake disaster in Japan has left countless people without homes or resources. Even though the initial spurt of giving has passed, Incase is doing its part to give back to the people of Japan by launching an effort to raise $10,000 in relief funds. If you can donate $20 to Incase’s efforts, the company will send you a thank-you in the form of a snap-on hard case for your iPhone 4 electronic gadgets. The case offers thin, lightweight protection and features a limited-edition “Hinomaru” red rising sun graphic on a white background. All proceeds from the Japan Solidarity Case ($20 donation) will go to the Mercy Corps Artists Help Japan Movement organization. Check out the full details and get more information over at Incase. Kill two birds with one stone by helping relief efforts with a donation and visually reminding others around you that the victims of Japan still need help.

Source from digitaltrends

Beats by Dr. Dre get the ColorWare treatment, minus the color

21 Apr

Now, you’d think ColorWare would be working furiously to release some flashy iPad 2 tech gadgets, but that’s not what we’re getting today — instead we now have a pair of Monster headphones to complement that ever-so-necessary neon Dyson Air Multiplier we assume you’ve already added to every room in your tastefully decorated mansion.

These very limited edition ColorWare “Chrome Beats” headphones don’t actually have any color, but they admittedly do look pretty slick, excepting the $1,000 price tag necessitated by this perfect storm of overpriced branding. ColorWare is only decking out 50 of these ‘cans, so grab that platinum card and head over to our source link to get your pair.

Source from Engadget

iMac Refresh Expected Soon Due to Short Supplies

21 Apr

Some reports today are indicating that the latest generation Apple iMac models will soon be experiencing some shortages. What this normally means is that Apple is planning on a refresh. The same happened with the iPad when the iPad 2 electronic gadgets launched as well as the MacBook Pro back in February when the next gen model was being prepared for launch. It has also happened a number of times before.

So what can we expect from the new iMac range? What we hear is that Apple will likely keep the same design, same screen sizes and same keyboard etc… but will bump up the power of each model to include faster CPU’s, larger storage and we also expect to see the ThunderBolt (first seen in the MacBook Pro electronic gadgets refresh this year) port being included in the refresh.

You are probably wondering when you can expect to see the new range of iMac computers electronic gadgets. Sources at 9to5Mac are hinting that we could see them within the next 2 to 3 weeks, so if you are planning to get an iMac within the next few weeks we suggest holding off till the new models are announced.

When Apple updates the Apple Store and announces the refresh, we’ll have all the details along with technical specs and differences.

Samsung’s W200 Takes On Kodak’s Playsport In Waterproof Camcorder Showdown

21 Apr

Samsung’s W200 Takes On Kodak’s Playsport In Waterproof Camcorder Showdown

Samsung has announced the W200 tech gadgets, a vacation-proof 1080p camcorder that boasts a bigger LCD and faster lens than its natural enemy, the Kodak Playsport. I’m not sure the W200 is going to win any beauty contests, but at least spec-wise it’s looking good.

It shoots 1080p video through its F/2.2 lens (the Playsport has a F/2.8) and displays it on a 2.3″ screen (versus the Playsport’s 2″). Beyond that the differences kind of dry up, although the ability to “pause” recording and continue with the same video file later will be handy to a lot of people who don’t want to fiddle with editing afterwards.

It goes down to 3 meters underwater, and is safe against basic drops and dust. They claim a water-drop resistant coating, which may or may not be real; we’ll have to get our hands on it to determine that.

How to Keep Your iPhone and iPad Location Data Private

21 Apr

We heard earlier that iPhones and iPads electronic gadgets are silently and consistently tracking our locations, and logging the info when we perform syncs or backups. While this fact may be kind of scary on its own, the worst part is that the data is totally unencrypted and available to anyone who gets their hands on your devices or backup folders on your laptop. As of now, there’s no way to stop your iOS 4-running electronic gadgets from logging this data, but you can keep it on lockdown with a simple click.

Want to know how to keep this data private? Just keep reading.

By encrypting your backups, your location data will be accessible only by password. In order to add this layer of security to your iDevice, first, you must plug it into your computer and connect to iTunes. Select your device from the iTunes menu, and then scroll down to the bottom of the device’s main screen. Click the button that says “Encrypt iPhone (or iPad electronic gadgets) Backup” and then enter a hacker-proof password. It’s that simple.

Source from geeksugar