Incase offers help for Japan with limited-edition iPhone 4 case

21 Apr

Help Incase raise money for relief efforts in Japan and get a simple, limited-edition iPhone 4 case as a thank you.

As with any natural disaster, media outlets bombard us with hour-by-hour coverage and concern for about a week after tragedy strikes, and then they move on to something else. It may not be on the news every night anymore, but the earthquake disaster in Japan has left countless people without homes or resources. Even though the initial spurt of giving has passed, Incase is doing its part to give back to the people of Japan by launching an effort to raise $10,000 in relief funds. If you can donate $20 to Incase’s efforts, the company will send you a thank-you in the form of a snap-on hard case for your iPhone 4 electronic gadgets. The case offers thin, lightweight protection and features a limited-edition “Hinomaru” red rising sun graphic on a white background. All proceeds from the Japan Solidarity Case ($20 donation) will go to the Mercy Corps Artists Help Japan Movement organization. Check out the full details and get more information over at Incase. Kill two birds with one stone by helping relief efforts with a donation and visually reminding others around you that the victims of Japan still need help.

Source from digitaltrends

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