Samsung PX2370 Reviews

3 May

Samsung’s monitors have often had the upper hand when it comes to looks, and the PX2370 tech gadgets are no exception: it’s gorgeous. The screen sprouts from a slender see-through stand, it measures barely 18mm thick, and the clear plastic trim that clings to the bezel helps it melt subtly into its surroundings. If aesthetics alone were enough to guarantee a monitor’s success, the PX2370 would sell in droves.

You may get a beautiful-looking monitor but there’s no fancy, high-quality IPS panel at its heart. Instead, you get standard TN technology, measuring 23in across and with a Full HD resolution.

Dab the touch-sensitive power button and the monitor springs to life. It’s bright – we measured it at 287cd/m2 – and colors are vibrant and well-adjusted out of the box. Testing didn’t show up any horrendous shortcomings either, with only slight banding in grey scale transitions.

The PX2370 tech gadgets isn’t hugely better than the far cheaper Hanns.G HL231, however. Our X-Rite colorimeter showed the PX2370 giving an average Delta E reading of 3.6 and peaking at a maximum of 7.5 in the greens. The colour temperature reading was just a little way off from the ideal of 6,500k at 6,732k, and gamma a bit off at an average of 2.0. We’d expect the LED backlighting to be better too. On a black screen, it leaks in from every side.

Even worse, the price is far too high, which means it’s an option only for those who crave looks over quality. In these Labs you’ll find several more capable monitors that cost considerably less.

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