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10 Christmas Gadgets For Men

10 May

We all know that men love their gadgets, their toys. But what are their toys in 2009? What are the best gadgets for men? In this article, we’ll explore 10 Christmas gadgets for men. Some are obvious. Others may not have entered your mind.

The number one Christmas gadget for men this year is the Amazon Kindle. The Kindle allows you to hold up to 3,500 books, magazines, and documents in the palm of your hand. Want a new book? The Kindle allows you to have it in less than 60 seconds with its built-in communication capabilities. With the introduction of a new, larger model this year, the Kindle is easily a “must-have” for the gadget man.

Men love to have great TV’s and gadget-men like to have the top rated LCD TVs. This Christmas promises to be the Christmas of the LCDs with newer and larger models coming out all the time. From a 52 inch wonder to a small pocket LCD, you can find an LCD TV that he’ll love this Christmas.

Gadget men like to be ahead of the curve. For these men, gift number three is the Roku Digital Video Player. This device lets you download movies from the Internet (Amazon, Netflix, Blockbuster) and watch them on your LCD TV. With this device, you will never need to rent a DVD again.

It’s a stereotypical saying that men never ask for directions. With gift #4, they do not have to. Get the man in your life one of the latest GPS devices and he’ll always know where he is and where he is going. And, today’s portable GPS Navigator also does many other things like locate the nearest Walgreen’s or steakhouse while listening to your favorite music.

Gadget men do not want to watch movies on DVD. This is so old school. Get your man a Blue Ray Disc Player for Christmas 2009. Combined with his new LCD television, he’ll be in viewing heaven.

Gadget men not only need cameras, they need the best cameras. A little cheap digital will not do. The Gadget man needs an SLR camera. These are the ones that allow you to take all kinds of great pictures from any distance. A digital SLR (single lens reflex) will have him taking fantastic pictures that he’ll show all of his friends.

One tech toy that all men must have is an MP3 player. The best MP3 player for the money right now is the iPod Touch. This iPod does everything short of make you breakfast. Look for special deals on this iPod during the holiday season.

A gadget man worth his salt is not confined by a set of headphones. The true gadget man plugs his iPod into a home stereo system that he plays throughout the house. If your man is in need, consider getting him a great home stereo for the holidays.

One of the smallest, coolest devices out there right now is the Flip Video Camcorder. This device fits in the palm of your hand and records hours of video in HD and then easily connects to your TV for inspired viewing.

And finally, as gift number ten, your beloved gadget man needs a Netbook. These are super-small but powerful computers that you can bring anywhere. In this connected world, it may end up being one of his favorite toys.

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Must Have Gadgets for Men

10 May

Advancement in technology at a fast pace leads to the development of newer gadgets on a daily basis. Electronic gadgets with superior features are always a subject of discussion among men. Possessing the newest gadget in market is what everyone likes to do. Let us have a look at few of the must have gadgets for men in the market.

Must Have Gadgets List for Men

Few of the latest must have gadgets for men available in the market are discussed below. The products described in the following paragraphs include cameras, cellphones, routers, etc. These are amongst the best devices that a person can have. The electronic devices presented below can be included in 10 must have gadgets for men.

Dell XPS M17
The high performance ‘Pentium M’ processor of Intel is one of the important features of this laptop. The processor is also energy efficient. This process is considered to be the best in terms of battery endurance, weight and processing power. The 17 inches wide screen UXGA offers a crisp and clear view. The laptop is mainly used for gaming and watching movies on DVD. The picture quality therefore, holds great importance. The laptop is priced at $1349.

Canon EOS 7D
The ‘Canon EOS 7D’ comes with an 18 megapixel APS-C sensor which has a 1.6x crop factor. Size of each megapixel is 4.3 microns. The gapless microlenses enable the sensor to gather enough light to produce a good quality image. The dual DIGIC 4 chips of Canon EOS 7D work well with the 8 frame/second speed of the shutter; speed processing of the large 14 bit files can also be carried out. There many interesting features which make this gadget a good choice for photographers. The camera is priced at $1578.09. At the start of year 2010, the Canon EOS 7D was the most awaited SLR camera product in the market. It can therefore, be included in the list of must have gadgets for men, 2010. The information about cool gadgets for men 2010 should be useful.

Motorola Droid
This Motorola phone runs on the Android operating system created by Google. Verizon Wireless holds the distribution rights for the Motorola Droid. The camera which comes with this phone has a resolution of 5 megapixels and it also has a dual LED flash. In the messaging section, different features being included are multimedia messaging, instant messaging (Google Talk), voice mail, predictive text, etc. Usage time for this battery is 385 minutes while it can be left in the standby mode for 270 hours. Browsing with ‘Webkit HTML5’ is a great experience as it offers features like geo location and multiple windows. The cellphone is available at a price of $149.99. The information about best cellphones on the market should also be useful.

Edimax 3G-6210n
It is wireless, battery-powered 3G router. A 3G broadband connection can be shared with the help of this router. This router can also be used with a cable Internet and standard ADSL. The Lithium-ion rechargeable battery makes this device portable and allows users to work away from power outlets. Edimax 3G-6210n router supports the WiFi standard, 802.11b/g/n. It can be used with different USB modems such as Vodafone, Optus, Telstrus, Virgin and 3. Price of the Edimax 3G-6210n ranges from $129 – $165.

Sony Ericsson W800i
The ‘Sony Ericsson W800i’ is characterized by a simple design, user-friendly interface and an overall good quality. This cellphone is Bluetooth enabled and also has other features like the MP3 player and FM radio. The camera which comes with the phone has a resolution of 2 megapixel. Services like the world phone can be availed on the ‘Sony Ericsson W800i’. There are few problems like small phone book, small & slippery keypad buttons slippery and a headset jack that is poorly located. However, the phone packs together multimedia and calling features in a smart way. This makes ‘Sony Ericsson W800i’, the Walkman phone, one of the must have gadgets for men. List of must have PS3 games is provided here.

The must have gadgets for men presented in the article are quality products with reliable features. If one is thinking about buying any of such electronic devices, the brands presented above, should be considered.

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Choose the Best Gadgets for Men

10 May

When you are looking for variety of options related to the gifts then it is always important to note that people must be aware of all the aspects and there are lots to look forward to for the people. The numbers of option available to the people are indeed immense and people can get all the options in the internet. The cyber space provides all the data and info in the cyber space and gadgets for men can be chosen from there. The iPod, iPad, iPhones are certainly on the cards for many and people can look to choose among them for sure. There are lots to look forward to in the current generation and people can certainly make all the right options for the people. In the modern days we do see that there are really a lots of tech related activities and people has to be aware of all the related activities and people can choose the best of the options for the people. The gadgets for men are not difficult to choose if you are little careful regarding the process. gadgets for men sSo keep in min that people must be aware of all the necessary items and there are lots to look forward to for the people in the given context as well. People have many options and there are options to look forward to for the same. In the hi-tech options that are available among the people are certainly a lot and people has many options for the same. There many options to look into and people must be careful in understanding the same, so look to choose wisely and the right option in order to get the best of the option among the people. As the situation stands we see that with the increase in the amount of competition in the gadgets for men category and we see that people are aware of all the necessary features. The internet is indeed the best place that can provide you with the best and updated info and data about the devices related to the tech field. There are certainly lots to look forward to for the people and this is one of the aspects that people must consider in order to get the best of the deal.

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