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The iPhone Nano Is Also Now Available In White

3 May

Here, have yourself a tasty white iPhone nano tech gadgets. It’s just like the black version, but now packs a front-facing camera, TV tuner, and an oh-so-appropriate white paint job. $10 says this white version isn’t thicker than its black counterpart.

Source from CrunchGear

Origin EON17-S gaming laptop overclocked to 4.5GHz, up for order

27 Apr

You won’t need to compromise much with Origin’s EON17-S gaming notebook, though a $3,000 dent in your wallet could severely compromise your purchasing power for the next few months. That’s the starting price for this gaming laptop electronic gadgets , with a 2.5GHz Intel Core i7-2920XM Quad-Core processor factory overclocked to 4.5GHz, and maxing the system out with 32GB of RAM, dual 480GB SSD’s, and a 2GB NVidia GeForce GTX 485M GPU will send the price tag north of $10,000.

Small price to pay for months of geek cred at your neighborhood LAN party, right? We’d rather use the money as a down payment on a Tesla Roadster, but if helping to rebuild the economy with the best, brightest and heaviest (at 8.6 pounds) computing monster sitting on your lap is just what you need, then look for yours in the mail come May 17th.


Samsung W200 loves swimming with the fishes

26 Apr

If scuba diving or at the very least, snorkeling is your cup of tea, then chances are you would have also invested in a good quality waterproof camera (assuming you do have the necessary shutterbug skills to go along with your other wet, wet passion, of course) – either that, or a DSLR with an expensive underwater housing. Well, Samsung intends to cater to those who are just starting out on this underwater photography thing with their latest release – the Samsung W200 electronic gadgets.

Of course, the Samsung W200 first and foremost is not a digital shooter but rather, one that captures video underwater. What you can’t do with the Samsung W200, however, would be to bring it along with you on your deep underwater forays, since anything more than 3 meters would turn it over to a candidate for the vast consumer electronics graveyard.

Of course, that does not mean it is a sissy by any means since it would be suitable to shoot great video of a relaxed day by the pool, or perhaps even up-close shots of coral reefs. The W200’s anti-water drop coating translates to the LCD display being free of condensation, even though you are in damp conditions, allowing you to continue with your amateur filming sessions without having to wipe the display.

The lens itself comes with anti-fog coating which allows steam to disperse so you always have clear, blur-free videos and pictures even if you decide to come straight after out of the pool. In order to shoot amazing underwater footage without looking too complicated, the W200 electronic gadgets will also include an Aqua Mode setting, where it will automatically set the ideal parameters for the bright and clear underwater video.

Do not look down on it just because the W200 is slim and compact – it is a tough cookie on its own, being shock-proof and dust-proof, making it more or less the perfect candidate to bring on your next backpacking adventure. Heck, surely you don’t mind letting Junior have a go at this since it is robust enough to withstand some minor knocks and drops, and with a built-in USB arm, it is even easier to share your adventure at your next stop.

The Samsung W200 electronic gadgets will be out later this May for $159 a pop.

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iTamtam offers a different take on a speaker dock

26 Apr

Now this is definitely an interesting looking iPod speaker dock that some of you might actually mistake it for a chair of sorts. Known as the iTamtam, the tech gadgets will cost a rather pricey £169.99, bringing along with it a quartet of 11W titanium tweeters and a rather beefy 25W subwoofer.

This means this rather impressive looking designer speaker is no slouch when it comes to performance, fully capable of bringing the house down when the situation calls for it – of course, a packed party will not get any justice with this since you will need much more aural firepower then, but for average home use, the iTamtam shouldn’t be discounted. Heck, it doubles up as a stool when not in use as a speaker dock, so that alone earns plenty of brownie points in our books.

The iTamtam tech gadgets will come with a built-in lithium battery that is capable of lasting up to 8 hours of non-stop play when away from the nearest power outlet, and will also play nice with other tech gadgets that work with a 3.5mm connection.

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Check out this the HECTOR spider robot

20 Apr

This spidery looking robot is designed by the University of Bielefeld’s Department of Biological Cybernetics, and it is the HECTOR, which is a weird quasi-acronym meaning the HExapod Cognitive auTonmously Operating Robot.

This mechanical arachnid is about a meter long, and weighs in at 12 kilograms, with 13 percent of it being the exoskeleton. I’m not certain what percentage of a real spider’s weight is its exoskeleton, but it does have joints on its legs that allow for 20 degrees, just like a real spider tech gadgets.

This is one of those robots that I would like to see made, if it didn’t creep me out so much. I think that there is something about spiders that tend to freak people out. Perhaps that is why there were these mechanical spiders hunting Tom Selleck in the movie Runaway. Man, going back in time for that reference!

Here’s a more recent reference, as HECTOR tech gadgets look a little like the IC Hexapod that we reported on three years ago, which bore a strong resemblance to the probe droid from The Empire Strikes Back.

I wonder what is the use of this mechanical arachnid. Perhaps it could be used to take pictures, but it is too large to be covert.


RIM, Caught Between Work And Whimsy, Has Lost Its Way

19 Apr

I’ve been using the Blackberry Playbook since Friday and I find it to be a unique and very usable device. The obvious problems aside – no native email client, poor browsing, wonky Flash support – it’s clear that RIM took lots of care to produce a device that would appeal to their core audience of crackberriers. Even the ill-advised Blackberry Bridge makes a certain kind of sense. Why? Because the removal of all points of security failure from the tablet gives the folks in IT a reason to OK the device on their networks. The same can’t be said of any of the other tablets, iOS and Android electronic gadgets included. In fact, without the Bridge the Playbook is a simple and compelling media consumption device.

But Blackberry is now trying to survive a period marked by a rapid and permanent change in smartphone usage. Back when Blackberries were pagers, the best a business user on the road could hope for was a fax sent to a hotel room. A few short years later and Blackberry ruled the mobile messaging space. Their email product and messenger allowed countless people to remain connected everywhere, at all times, an accomplishment that brought about a sea change in the way we interact online. The Blackberry is a unique artifact that defined how a generation lived and worked. Blackberries made it OK to be always on call, much to our own detriment.

Then came the Sidekick. That phone, and its successors, changed how a generation played. Email and messaging on a phone quickly became de rigueur and, ultimately, a non-feature.

So now Blackberry’s most significant feature – email – is no longer very interesting. The squat, keyboard-centric devices are competing against devices of all shapes and sizes and Blackberry is losing.

According to IDC, RIM shipped approximately 48.8 million units worldwide, followed closely by the Apple’s 47 million. To put this into perspective, Nokia sold 453.0 million phone electronic gadgets (not smartphones in particular, but total units) and Samsung sold 280.2 million (same caveat). To put it further into perspective, Apple has only been selling iPhones since 2007 while RIM has been selling phones since 1999. RIM’s smartphone market share is down from 34% to 29% in North America. And even newer contender, Android, is also taking its toll, though tracking it and its effects isn’t as straightforward.

When RIM CEO Mike Lazaridis flaked in a BBC interview, you could see a CEO at wit’s end. His product is, at best, a strong but uninteresting runner in a crowded race. Rather than outpacing the competition, however, RIM is barely keeping in stride. His claim that the phone is popular with “businesses, leaders, celebrities, consumers, and teenagers” is, in one sense, true. But any phone manufacturer can claim the same thing and be perfectly right. There are so many phones sold daily that RIM’s products are now a drop in the mobile bucket.

RIM is the next Nokia: an iconic company laid low by an unwillingness to adapt its products. It’s not pretty to see this happening to what is certainly a classic and influential device but even the Playbook, as unique as it is, won’t change customers’ perceptions of RIM. Claim all the brand loyalty you want here, but consumers have so much choice on so many fronts that even statistically RIM won’t be able to outsell their competitors. As Nokia learned far too late, it doesn’t make any sense to cling to old paradigms and rely on old strengths.

Do I want RIM to go away? Absolutely not. They produce excellent products. I love the interface and the design. However, when their most interesting device, the Playbook electronic gadgetsa, refuses to play to the simple needs of the general consumer and maintains a dedication to a shrinking business fleet base, it’s time to rethink RIM’s place in the mobile ecosystem. It is my honest fear that RIM, like so many companies before it, will find that ecosystem more and more hostile to their unique product.

Source from CrunchGear

Morning Apple Rumor Roundup: The iPad 3 and the iPhone 5

13 Apr

Good Tuesday to you, Apple fans! This morning we have two rumors for you to sift through regarding the launch of the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 tech gadgets.

First up, the iPhone 5. According to new reports, the iPhone 5 will be altering its normal launch schedule (usually in June) and won’t be seen until the Fall. We’ve heard rumblings of a delay before, but now analysts believe the iPhone 5 could make its first appearance during Apple’s annual music event that takes place in early September, hopefully alongside the announcement of 4G speeds and NFC chips.

Interested in some juicy iPad 3 tech gadgets? Then just keep reading.

We were hoping for a Retina display packed with the iPad 2, but now reports say that adding the Retina display would be too costly and won’t be appearing on the iPad at all. Oh, and rumors of an iPad 3 this Fall are probably full of hot air.


Source from geeksugar

Harman JBL On Air Wireless AirPlay ready to ship

12 Apr

Harman has announced that their JBL On Air Wireless AirPlay speaker dock is more than ready to arrive at your doorstep assuming you aren’t too miserly to part with your hard-earned money for it. Being one of the latest tools in JBL’s lineup, it will offer music lovers an even more seamless music experience right in the comfort of your own home, and thanks to integrated AirPlay technology, you are able to enjoy music from your iTunes library on Mac or PC tech gadgets. That’s not all, of course, since your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch will also be able to enjoyed over a current Wi-Fi network.

Apart from that, you can enjoy all the hard work that has gone into creating an album artwork as you see it on the bright color display, not to mention song information, too. An included remote control is there to help you play and pause music, including navigating between tracks just in case something that isn’t suitable for your ears pop up on your playlist. Bear in mind that AirPlay requires iTunes 10.1 or later with the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch tech gadgets running on iOS 4.2 or later.

With the presence of three advanced JBL transducers that deliver rich, full-spectrum sound in a uniform manner across a wide-listening area, you can be sure that you as well as your guests won’t be disappointed. Distinct stereo imaging isn’t recommended for desktop sound systems, but the JBL On Air Wireless dock sports a special HALO (horizontal acoustic level optimization) design to ensure it will rock the house by offering clean, powerful sound that is more often than not associated with JBL tech gadgets.

There is also proprietary JBL technology used – we’re talking about digital signal processing, that helps maximize sound quality and output under any listening conditions. For those who are interested, the JBL On Air Wireless speaker dock is ready to rock and roll from this month onwards, carrying an asking price of $349 MSRP over at Best Buy and Apple online and retail store locations in the US.

Source from Coolest Gadgets

T-Mobile G-Slate Gets Early Availability On eBay

11 Apr

If you get on T-Mobile’s site to try and order a G-Slate electronic gadgets, you’ll end up staring at a big coming soon sign. But on eBay it’s a different story. The 8.9-inch Honeycomb tablet isn’t expected to launch for another two weeks but one eBay user is claiming the G-Slate is on hand and ready to ship.

Starting bid is currently at $800, but if you have to have it, buy it now is set at $1200. Is it worth it? Well, when it does come out it’s going to cost $529 with a 2-year contract and after mail-in rebate. Suddenly $800 doesn’t look too bad to be contract-free electronic gadgets.


Source from CrunchGear

Acer Reveals 10.1-inch Honeycomb Packard Bell Liberty Tab

8 Apr

Say hello to the Packard Bell Liberty Tab. This 10.1-inch Nvidia Tegra 2 tablet packs Honeycomb and all the rest of goodies pretty much standard on next-gen Android tablets: dual cams, multi-touch screen, HDMI output, MicoSD card slot, and GPS. These electronic gadgets are Wi-Fi only and will be available in European retailers for an unannounced price this coming June. Ironicly the Liberty Tab won’t be sold in the States. Yeah, the US will likely get the same tablet just with Acer branding and styling.

Source from CrunchGear