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3rd Giveaway of

9 Nov, a one-stop online retailer that provides free-shipped top-class computer, communication and consumer electronics, etc, announced its Transformers 2011 Bumblebee Electronic Coin Bank Giveaway. The Giveaway will begin on 11/07/2011 and end on 11/28/2011, at 11:59PM EST.


About the Campaign

The following are the details of how to enter the Giveaway from, as follows:

You can sign up or sign in Geartaker to enter the Giveaway;

You can like Geartaker or share this Giveaway on Facebook;

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(Visit the official contest page to learn how easy it is to enter the Geartaker’s 3rd Promotional Giveaways.)


About the Winner

Any Transformers fan? Maybe you don’t want to miss the talking Transformers coin bank. When you insert a coin into the slot or just press the logo on the helmet, you could hear 4 kinds of original character voices and see its eyes light up. Isn’t it amazing? As our luckily winner, you can get Transformers 2011 Bumblebee Electronic Coin Bank. Awesome and Practical!

Good luck!



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Verizon To Launch LTE MiFi On April 21st

19 Apr

We’ve had a bit of a crush on the MiFi ever since these things were brand new. Back then, the concept was pretty much unheard of: flip the switch on a little pocket-friendly box, and said box would turn into an on-the-go, cellular-network-powered WiFi router for you and a handful of friends. The idea is a bit less novel now that just about any iPhone electronic gadgets or recent Android phone can do something along the same lines, but we’re still fans.

Come April 21st, Verizon and Novatel will be launching their next MiFi (pictured above, apparently rendered on the planet of Tatooine. Anyone who gets that reference is my friend.) The big bullet point for this one? 4G support. Poke that switch, and up to 5 electronic gadgets can be surfin’ the Internets over Verizon’s 4G network in no time flat.. It’ll set you back $100 on a 2-year contract (and after a $50 mailer), or $270 without one. Then the data plan will set you back an extra $50 a month, at least.

What do you think: with electronic gadgets like the Thunderbolt replicating these features, is there still room for standalone devices like the MiFi?

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Electronic Gadgets Gift Ideas For Men

27 Mar

Finding gifts for geeky men can be quite a challenge. Here are a few suggestions for the best electronic gadgets for men in 2011.

Apple iPad – the iPad is an all-in-one device when it comes to multi media experience. You can hear your favorite music, watch videos, read ebooks, and play games. It is possibly the best tablet Personal computer around. You may access the Net and read your mail and share pictures with the gadget.

IPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case – if the individual in mind already has an iPad, the second-best thing is this accessory. With this add on, the iPad can be handily transformed to a keyboard portable. Your iPad can now be placed on a stand which will generally make it look like a netbook. The keyboard is guarded by silicone cover which resists liquid spillage. It features all function keys you may use for an iPad.

Windows Phone 7 – Together with the iPhone and Android phones, this new entry to the Android phone market is definitely a hot item. This device features varied entertaining and helpful applications like social media, games, office, music, and video. It is one of the most long awaited gadgets for men for the year.

Chevrolet Volt
Men deserve luxury, especially if they’ve worked hard. If you’re into saving the environment the new Chevy Volt definitely merits your attention. It is thought of as the best electronic car available in the market right now. General Motors certainly deserve all of the praise they get particularly after going through coarse times. They’re now back with an electronic device of their own in the form of a car. It is one of the must have devices for the year. It has already won many awards and accolades and has been judges as the best electric automobile of 2011 by assorted groups.

Nike Sport+ GPS Watch
If you have got an active way of life, like to travel, and head to unknown locations, this hi tech watch is perfect for you. This GPS device is a worthy buy especially with the added Nike touch. It involves the use of a GPS powered by TomTom. Navigating while running is simple with a straightforward tap of the screen. It takes note of the calories you’ve burned and monitors your pulse.

Amazon Kindle
This device is for the modern bookworm. You can access thousands of ebooks on Amazon thru Wi-fi or 3G. The e-ink allows users to read the device out of doors even on a bright, sunny day. This device can go on for weeks with a single charge. This truly is one of the finest electronic gadgets for men that you can get for 2011.

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Match Your iPad to Your Smart Cover With Skinit

18 Mar

Apple’s new iPad 2 Smart Covers are exactly that — smart. Not only do they act as a screen protector, but they automatically put your iPad 2 to sleep when closed. And while you have your choice of colors — black or white — there’s no real way to customize unless you spring for a case, which takes away from the sleek design of the tablet.

Good news — Skinit is offering up a number of skin options that will keep your iPad 2’s slim profile in tact, but gives you a custom feel. One of my faves is the Premium Vinyl Skin ($30), which gives your iPad 2 electronic gadgets full coverage from scratches and scrapes, and comes in colors to match your Smart Cover. It’s definitely a unified look, and one that I wouldn’t mind rocking. Best part is, the vinyl skins peel off without leaving any nasty residue behind, so if your mood changes, your iPad can too, without worry.


Source from geeksugar

Heat Changing Love Mug

17 Mar

Heat up those tender moments in your life with the Heat Changing Love Mug, where it comes dots with plenty of small hearts that aren’t too clear to look at at first glance, but upon making your spouse’s favorite hot beverage, the heat from within will have a message made up to the mentioned tiny hearts appear as though by magic – saying the three words that will be extremely popular today – “I Love You”. Coolest gadgets!

The ability to change its color stems from the thermochrome coating that is on the mug, where it will become transparent when hot liquid is poured in, to make the message visible. Just like all sensitive items, this is hand-wash only, so keep it out away from dishwashers or microwaves! The former isn’t too bad, but the latter means you can no longer heat up your drinks just like that.

The Heat Changing Love Mug can be yours for £8.99. Haha, it may be one of the great gadget gifts for girls.