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Dell’s new powerhouse Precision M4600 and M6600 workstation laptops on sale May 10

27 Apr

We got a dose of details on Dell’s new Precision M4600 tech gadgets and M6600 workstations yesterday, and though impressed by their specs, we were left without answers to two very important questions: when can we get them, and how much will they cost? There must be some mind readers in Round Rock, because today Dell revealed that the machines will make their debut on May 10 with prices starting at $1,678 for the M4600 tech gadgets and $2,158 for its 17-inch big brother, though prices surely escalate quickly from there. Turns out, the laptops also have optional IPS and four-finger multi-touch displays for your viewing pleasure and RAID support for your (and your employer’s) peace of mind. That’s some stellar hardware for some serious coin, so interested parties should start brown-nosing the bossman immediately — or maybe just get a second job.

Source from Engadget

Rugged Casio G’zOne Commando official, coming to Verizon on April 28th for $200

27 Apr

We knew it was coming, and now it’s official: Casio’s macho G’zOne Commando is coming to Verizon on April 28th for a price of $200 on-contract. The Commando strays from a long line of durable dumbphones, and is the first ruggedized Android handset tech gadgets on Verizon’s network.

In addition to meeting 810G military specifications for water, dust, shock, vibration, salt fog, solar radiation, and temperature extremes, it runs Android 2.2 (Froyo) and has a 3.6-inch (480 x 800) display, 5 megapixel autofocus camera, microSD slot, WiFi, stereo Bluetooth, and a hotspot feature allowing it to share its 3G connection with up to five tech gadgets.

And, being built like a tank, it also bundles a handful of apps for outdoorsy types, including a compass, pedometer, star gazer, and thermometer. If you’ve never handled a rugged smartphone, you’ll get your chance Thursday when it hits Verizon retail stores.

Source from Engadget

Leica i9 concept pairs $1,000 camera with $200 iPhone

26 Apr

When you think of manufacturers that create products to go hand-in-hand with the Apple iPhone tech gadgets, Leica probably wouldn’t come to mind.

The seemingly brilliant minds at Black Design Associates hope to change that, however. The Leica i9 concept pairs an iPhone 4 with a fixed-lens rangefinder camera, and the result is nothing short of extraordinary.

Slipping your iPhone 4 — black or white — into the back of the i9 brings the camera to life, activating the compact optical zoom, dedicated aperture and shutter dials, flash and light meter. Images are instantly viewable on the iPhone, where it’s safe to assume they’re stored as well.

The camera back doubles as a case, but you’re probably going to want to use it with a headset, unless you like talking to a camera. There’s no sign that the i9 tech gadgets will even reach the prototype phase, but nobody is going to stop the high-end camera’s designer from dreaming — especially when said dreams make us weak at the knees.

Source from Engadget

Inhabitat’s Week in Green: solar panel roads, floating golf, and the 2,564.8 MPG race car

25 Apr

Building technology got a tremendous boost this week as Inhabitat reported on a new type of graphene super paper that is 10 times stronger than steel and six times as light. We also took a look at several remarkable new infrastructure projects popping up around the world – from a self-sufficient floating golf course in the Maldives to London’s gleaming new cable car system, to the Netherlands’ plan to supercharge its roadways with solar panels.

Speaking of hot asphalt, this week the ultra-efficient Alerion race car tech gadgets blazed a trail at the Shell Eco-Marathon, clocking in an incredible 2,564.8 miles per gallon. Meanwhile, Fisker announced that its sexy electric Karma sedan will hit the road this summer, and we were surprised to hear that Marcelo da Luz was forced to pull his solar-powered X of 1 car across Ontario due to road regulations. The New York Auto Show also kicked off with a blast this week as Lexus unveiled its next-gen LF-Gh concept hybrid and Porsche rolled out a 911 GTR 3 in a Facebook colorway that got a lot of “likes”.

Finally, we looked at several futuristic example of wearable technology this week including a pair of RoboCop-like glasses that are capable of scanning 400 faces per second at public events. We also brought you a brilliant LED backpack that lets cyclists send signals to drivers, a pollution-detecting t-shirt, and a clock that tells time by knitting a new scarf every year.

Source from Engadget

Samsung’s LTE-enabled Droid Charge coming to Verizon on April 28th for $300 on contract

24 Apr

Ready for the era of $300 superphones? We know, we aren’t either, but the addition of LTE seems to be justification enough for Verizon Wireless and Samsung to toss a $299.99 subsidized price on the latter’s newest handset electronic gadgets.

After being leaked a few times over, the borderline-ominous phone is finally getting official.

April 28th is the day, with consumers then able to grab a 4.3-inch AMOLED Plus display, rear-facing 8 megapixel camera, a 1.3 megapixel front-facing shooter, 1GHz processor, Android 2.2 and LTE support.

Unlimited 4G data plans are still being hawked for $29.99, and while the entry price definitely stings, having mobile hotspot for “no additional charge” is certainly a perk. Might want to be first in line, though — that last snippet will only be offered for “a limited time.”

source Samsung

Apple set to launch cloud-based music service ahead of Google

22 Apr

It’s the rumor that wouldn’t die, and Reuters is now reporting that Apple is finally set to launch a cloud-based music service — presumably putting its massive North Carolina data center to some real work at long last.

Details are still fairly light beyond that, but Reuters says that Apple’s service will actually launch ahead of Google’s similar cloud-based option, which it reports is now “stalled,” citing “several people familiar with both companies plans.”

According to Reuters, the service will let folks store their music (and only music, apparently) on Apple’s servers and then access it on any device with an internet connection — and a copy of iTunes, we presume.

Electronic Gadgets

Apple sues Samsung: here’s the deal

21 Apr

So we all know that Apple’s suing Samsung alleging myriad IP infringements, but you may not know what all the fuss is about. On one hand, the lawsuit is surprising because Apple gets much of the goodies it needs to build its iconic iPhones, iPads, and Macs from Sammy, and common sense dictates that you don’t bite the hand that feeds you. On the other hand, however, folks in Cupertino don’t take too kindly to copycats, and while it’s hard to put a dollar value on the brand equity Apple currently enjoys, this lawsuit shows it’s valuable enough for Apple to risk upsetting its relationship with Samsung and jeopardizing its supply chain. Having given the court docs a good read, here’s our rundown of what’s going on.

According to Apple’s complaint, phones from Samsung (particularly the Galaxy S variety) and its Galaxy Tab are eroding the efficacy of Apple’s carefully crafted brand. That brand is built, in no small part, upon the trade dress (aka the appearance and packaging) of its iDevices and its trademarked iOS icons, and Apple has spent over two billion dollars on advertising from 2007-2010 to stake out a little space in everyone’s brain that associates the iPhone’s looks and its progeny’s derivative forms with Apple. It’s worked quite well too, as Apple revealed (for the first time) in its complaint that it has sold over 60 million iPod touches electronic gadgets, 108 million iPhones, and 19 million iPads total. Problem is, Apple views the Galaxy devices, their TouchWiz UI, and packaging — with their Apple-esque appearance — as illegal infringers on its hard-earned mental real estate, and it’s suing Sammy to stop the squatting and pay for its IP trespassing ways.

Of course, Apple isn’t just dragging Samsung to court for cashing in on the iPhone image in our hearts and minds — Jobs and company have accused Sammy of infringing several of their patents, too. Apple asserts that TouchWiz and the Galaxy S infringe upon its iOS home screen and iPhone 3G design patents. Additionally, the complaint says Samsung has run afoul of several Apple utility patents for: the iOS instant messaging interface, the “bounce back” effect you get upon scrolling too far in a list or window, control and status widgets, UI status windows that disappear a set time after being opened, and scrolling and ellipse multi-touch gesture recognition. In light of these alleged mass IP infringements, Apple’s asking the court for preliminary and permanent injunctions to take Samsung’s Galaxy electronic gadgets off the market, in addition to the usual request for punitives, triple damages and lost profits. We’ve already heard that Samsung will “respond strongly” to Apple’s show of legal force, but time will tell if Sammy’s strong response comes in, or out of court. Those looking for a full breakdown of Apple’s legal claims can hit the more coverage link below.

Incase offers help for Japan with limited-edition iPhone 4 case

21 Apr

Help Incase raise money for relief efforts in Japan and get a simple, limited-edition iPhone 4 case as a thank you.

As with any natural disaster, media outlets bombard us with hour-by-hour coverage and concern for about a week after tragedy strikes, and then they move on to something else. It may not be on the news every night anymore, but the earthquake disaster in Japan has left countless people without homes or resources. Even though the initial spurt of giving has passed, Incase is doing its part to give back to the people of Japan by launching an effort to raise $10,000 in relief funds. If you can donate $20 to Incase’s efforts, the company will send you a thank-you in the form of a snap-on hard case for your iPhone 4 electronic gadgets. The case offers thin, lightweight protection and features a limited-edition “Hinomaru” red rising sun graphic on a white background. All proceeds from the Japan Solidarity Case ($20 donation) will go to the Mercy Corps Artists Help Japan Movement organization. Check out the full details and get more information over at Incase. Kill two birds with one stone by helping relief efforts with a donation and visually reminding others around you that the victims of Japan still need help.

Source from digitaltrends

Antec Rockus 2.1 Speakers Pros, Cons

20 Apr

Short version: Not bad, but the “3D” effect isn’t very compelling, and the lack of extra features makes the $200 price unpalatable.


150 watts (25/satellite, 100 in sub)
3.5mm, RCA, Optical inputs
“3Dsst” virtual surround sound
MSRP: $200


Very clear sound
Plenty loud
Unique look


Missing out on the midrange
Relatively small “sweet spot”
Virtual surround you can take or leave
No headphone output, aux/mic input on puck


Unfortunately, with great speakers like the Logitech Z623s electronic gadgets or classics like Klipsch’s Promedia 2.1s going for $50 less, I just can’t recommend these Antecs electronic gadgets. Looks like the longtime hardware maker still has a lot to learn about making a compelling speaker set.