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Sonos For Android Is Here, Devices Now Support Airplay

20 Apr

You’ve been waiting and now it’s here: Sonos has just announced the availability of the free Controller on the Android platform. It is compatible with almost all Android phones and tablets electronic gadgets and supports the standard Sonos feature set (music assignment, browsing, search) as well as a few interesting additions.

The app takes advantage of Android’s native speech recognition to offer voice search (“Zamfir, Master of the Pan Flute”) and it also highjacks your Android device’s volume keys to control the volume of the Sonos device.

The Sonos system now also supports Airplay but in a very roundabout way. If you have an Airport Express with Airplay support (or Apple TV, for that matter), you can transmit audio from an iPad, iPod, or iPhone electronic gadgets to that device using Airplay. You can then take the live stream from the Airplay device and send it to any Sonos device on your network. It’s obviously not ideal, but it works. You can still transmit audio from multiple devices (including iTunes libraries) around your network.

Sonos has been slowly but surely cementing their position as one of the premier whole-home audio solutions and these small but significant changes are a testament to their dedication to slow and steady improvement. The 3.4 update is available to Sonos users now and should download automatically when you launch the desktop application.

Source from CrunchGear

CrunchDeals: 8GB iPod Touch For $185 Shipped

19 Apr

Quick! You’ve got three and a half hours (as of my writing this) to pick up a new iPod touch tech gadgets at this solid price — $185 is $45 off the normal $230. 8GB isn’t a lot of space, to be sure, but for a dedicated streaming music and app machine, this is a great deal. Head over to eBay’s daily deal page to pick one up.

Source from CrunchGear

Eye-Fi “Direct Mode” Upgrade Sends Photos Directly To Your iOS or Android Device

13 Apr

This is a pretty solid feature, I have to say, and maybe the one that makes me an Eye-Fi convert. We’ve seen some iOS camera tethering options, and of course the Eye-Fi is already pretty useful for when you have your laptop around, but this super easy send-to-device feature could be really compelling to the average non-tech-savvy user. We heard about it back at CES, but it’s actually rolling out this week.

Basically you just up the card ahead of time for Direct Mode, and it learns to use an ad-hoc wi-fi network to send your pictures directly to your iOS or Android electronic gadgets. It’s not quite as immediate as tethering, but it’s a lot easier, and if I’m not mistaken, it basically can use your other device as a secondary memory card.

That’d be nice for some easy workflows: shoot on your point and shoot, they appear on your iPad electronic gadgets where you peruse and delete a few, and then when you plug in and sync, they go over to iPhoto. And I’m sure you could figure out a similar process on your Android phone or tablet. The photos can be sent to your gallery, then you can use your own apps or the app provided by Eye-Fi.

The new 8GB X2 Mobile cards with Direct Mode enabled cost $80, or you can download an update later this week if you already have an X2 card.

Source from CrunchGear


Microsoft looks at flexible hardware specification for Windows Phone 7

12 Apr

WinRumors has gotten wind of whispers that Microsoft could be exploring the possibility of having flexible hardware specifications where its Windows Phone 7 platform is concerned, and this could result in different hardware companies rolling out more affordable Windows Phone electronic gadgets. Of course, with varying hardware on different handsets, you could end up with a software fragmentation problem that Android is currently experiencing – some games which require a high level of processing muscle can only be played on certain high-end phones, leaving the rest of the Android community in the dark. Is Microsoft willing to follow such a route? Apparently, an announcement on the matter might be made as early as the company’s MIX11 conference sometime later this week. Of course, there are pros and cons to this situation, where the added flexibility lets electronic gadgets manufacturers use cheaper components in order to make owning a Windows Phone a whole lot more affordable. What do you think – should Microsoft maintain a high standard, or can they relax a bit?

Source from ubergizmo

Flip UltraHD

11 Apr

The Flip range of pocket video cameras has long been a PC Pro favorite, marrying ease of use with excellent video quality at a reasonable price. The third-gen Flip UltraHD electronic gadgets add a couple of major new features to the armory: image stabilization and 50fps video recording.

There’s still no upgrade to 1080p, but it’s the first time we’ve seen image stabilization on any pocket video camera, and it combines with the new, super-high frame rate to spectacular effect. High frame rates smooth out panning and action shots beautifully, and the stabilization works effectively to eliminate camera shake.

We clamped the old and new Flip UltraHD together and shot a scene while walking along the street to get an idea of how much of an improvement had been made – and were blown away by the difference. That isn’t the only change. The new UltraHD is slimmer than before, and thus more pocket able. The electronic gadgets still comes with a rechargeable battery and the option to replace that with standard alkaline or lithium cells in an emergency, but this time you’ll need three AAAs instead of two AAs.

Image quality is a different story, however, and here Flip has made some odd choices. With the extra frames we’d expected to see a higher bit rate, but in fact there’s very little difference between the two cameras. The new UltraHD still hovers around 9Mbits/sec, and the result is that some details are lost to its aggressive compression. There’s a touch more noise in low-light situations, and colors look oversaturate ted.

Realistically, though, the improvements outweigh this small backwards shuffle. Image quality in all conditions matches or surpasses any other pocket video camera on the market, and its ease of use is as peerless as ever. The price might be a touch high, but if you want the best, it’s worth paying the premium.

Sony CEO accidentally outs possible 8MP camera in iPhone 5

8 Apr

An inadvertent slip of the tongue by Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer could confirm rumors that Apple will use the company’s 8MP camera sensor in its upcoming (but allegedly delayed) iPhone 5 electronic gadgets.

Possible details about Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5 have emerged from an unlikely source: Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer.

While speaking with the Wall Street Journal‘s Walt Mossberg at a forum at New York City’s Carnegie Hall on Friday, Stringer made an off-handed comment that may indicate that the next-generation iPhone will come loaded with an 8MP camera — a significant boost from the iPhone 4′s 5MP camera.

The comment was made by the Sony CEO while he was talking about the one of the company’s plants Senai being damaged by the tsunami that hit Japan last month. So far, Apple has sourced mobile cameras from OmniVision electronic gadgets, which provided the 5MP camera for iPhone 4 and the 3.2MP camera for the 3GS. But if interpretations of Stringer’s comment are correct, it would indicate that Apple may start buying cameras from Sony.

“Our best sensor technology is built in one of the (tsunami) affected factories,” said Stringer (as paraphrased by 9to5Mac founder Seth Weintraub, who caught the quote). “Those go to Apple for their iPhones…or iPads. Isn’t that something? They buy our best sensors from us?”

According to Electronista, interpretations that Sony is taking over Apple’s camera production are corroborated by a rumors in February that Sony was stepping in because OmniVision couldn’t have an 8MP camera sensor ready in time for Apple’s launch date. Also, Sony’s sensor, which is currently used in its Xperia Neo handset, would meet Apple’s demands of quality over megapixel quantity with its low-light, low-noise capabilities.

As 9to5Mac points out, The Street reported in April 2010 that Apple would adopt Sony’s 8MP camera for the iPhone 5. This was included in the same report that correctly predicted a 5MP camer for the iPhone 4 electronic gadgets.

Damages to Sony’s Sendai plant — which is located in one of the areas hardest hit by the devastating earthquake and resulting tsunami — could also explain why Apple is said not to be debuting the iPhone 5 during its WWDC on June 6, which has been the release event for Apple’s latest iPhone since its release of the iPhone 3G in 2008.


Source from digitaltrends

SuperTooth HD – Hey Mom! I’m Texting and Driving

23 Mar

My daughter is only 8, but I’m already worried about when she starts driving. I keep saying that all the high tech distractions we face, will be gone by the time I have to worry about her. I thought I was just making myself feel better, but no, things really are changing. It looks like we already have the option to text, dial our phones and use Facebook, without ever taking our eyes off the road. Phew!

SuperTooth is launching the SuperTooth HD– the most advanced Bluetooth speakerphone on the market today, it has three times the power than other models and it allows drivers to answer incoming calls, select pre-dialed phone numbers, check battery level or retrieve voicemail via voice. The SuperTooth Handsfree Assistant feature, powered by Dial2Do, allows drivers to compose and send Facebook, Twitter, e-mail and SMS messages via voice alone.

State-of-the-art voice commands are designed to provide a hands-free solution for phone use in the car. The tech gadgets of SuperTooth HD feature two speakers with a 5 watt audio output, 5.4 watt amplifier and built-in dual microphones to pick up voices more clearly. Just clip the SuperTooth HD onto the car’s sun visor, no installation required.

Watch for the SuperTooth HD in April for around $129 with a USB cable and a car charger included. It’s compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled phones, including iPhones, BlackBerrys and other smartphones with an Android OS or Windows Mobile operating system. The dial2do service is about $6.00 bucks a month and is required for speech to text services.


The Ultimate iPod Touch Case

17 Mar

The ultimate aluminium case for the iPod Touch has been created. It is named Factron Quattro and it keeps your iPod Touch completely safe.

The case comes as 2 separate sheets of aluminium which are shaped to allow your Touch to sit perfectly in. In each corner there are screws and threads which allow you to attach the other sheet to the lower side of the touch and be securely fastened together. Although it doesn’t appear to protect the screen, it certainly prevents damage to the touch should it be dropped on concrete. Top gadgets for iPod Touch!

The two downsides to this case are first, the size… with those extra corners added on, the Touch wont easily fit in your pocket any more. Finally, the price is a huge $227.29… which seems a tad on the steep side to me. I think I’d rather risk just not having a case my self then paying a total of over $500 for both the case and iPod Touch.


Source from gadgetvenue

Windows Phone 7 on Nokia Coming 2012

17 Mar

We had hopes that Nokia would release Windows Phone 7 devices sometime towards the end of 2011. We now hear that it could be 2012 before we see the first Nokia smartphone with WP7 installed.

The information comes from the managing director of Nokia in India who says that the company is working on a 12 month time line to introduce the first WP7 OS based smartphones. With this in mind, Nokia could be using a next iteration of WP7 that is currently referred to as Mango. And the best gadgets of Mango are expected to be previewed and perhaps released by the end of this year.

For both Nokia and Microsoft, this could be a win-win situation for both as Nokia were struggling with the Symbian platform that seems a couple of generations behind. WP7 should help push it to the front again and with that, Microsoft could also get the boost it needs to catch up with Android and iOS.

However, Nokia need to act quick as 2012 is another over 9 months away and a lot can change in that time this day in age.

White iPhone 4 Confirmed by Apple for Spring 2011

16 Mar

If I am to be honest, I have never understood why people have been so enamored of the white iPhone 4. I guess it’s mostly because they can’t have it. The white iPhone 3GS wasn’t any more lusted after by most geeks than the black version (and it actually showed scratches more). Still there are hoards of iPhone 4 fans that are frothing to get their hands on the white iPhone 4.

Apple’s Philip Schiller has confirmed on Twitter that the white iPhone 4 will be landing this spring. Schiller tweeted, “Hi Eric. The white iPhone electronic gadgets will be available this spring (and it is a beauty!)” in response to a fan asking when it would be available.

I guess that Apple has finally resolved their issues with getting the white to match from different manufacturers. There have been some rumors circulating that the white iPhone 4 may be an AT&T exclusive. Naturally, those rumors are unconfirmed by AT&T and Apple at this point.a