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Leica i9 concept pairs $1,000 camera with $200 iPhone

26 Apr

When you think of manufacturers that create products to go hand-in-hand with the Apple iPhone tech gadgets, Leica probably wouldn’t come to mind.

The seemingly brilliant minds at Black Design Associates hope to change that, however. The Leica i9 concept pairs an iPhone 4 with a fixed-lens rangefinder camera, and the result is nothing short of extraordinary.

Slipping your iPhone 4 — black or white — into the back of the i9 brings the camera to life, activating the compact optical zoom, dedicated aperture and shutter dials, flash and light meter. Images are instantly viewable on the iPhone, where it’s safe to assume they’re stored as well.

The camera back doubles as a case, but you’re probably going to want to use it with a headset, unless you like talking to a camera. There’s no sign that the i9 tech gadgets will even reach the prototype phase, but nobody is going to stop the high-end camera’s designer from dreaming — especially when said dreams make us weak at the knees.

Source from Engadget

Music Echo concept

25 Apr

If you would have noticed by now, there would be a bunch of product design students attached to the University of Dundee who have to come up with a final year project, and they are busy pinging electronic gadgets and design blogs all over the place to pimp their design, hoping to gain as much accolade and bouquets as possible. Jennifer Crossley has come up with a rather interesting Music Echo concept, where she intends for this device to help those out with hearing impairments.

The Music Echo intends to help hearing impaired folks enhance their enjoyment of music, where it is able to take just about any song, vibrating the music through a range of interactive beads to clarify it further. All you need to do then is wrap those beads around your hand, or place them in your pocket, and you will experience a new dimension in music. Since it is highly portable and stylish, you will be able to wear the Music Echo electronic gadgets in just about any situation without feeling out of place. Anyone wants to turn this into a real world product?

by Coolest Gadgets

Mercedes-Benz debuts tablet-packing A-Class concept

11 Apr

As fond as we are of the A-Class, it’s never been the best looking Benz electronic gadgets in the bunch, but with the introduction of the new A-Class concept, it looks like that could soon change. One of the car’s designers describes it variously as sexy, expressive, and beautifully formed, and while we wouldn’t go quite that far, we have to say it’s not too shabby. The car sports some interesting looking LED headlights and an inverted mesh grill on the outside, and on the inside it’s packing a rather futuristic display, complete with a dash-mounted tablet and what looks to be an iPhone electronic gadgets protruding from the center console. Now, there’s no guarantee that this thing will get the E-Cell treatment, or that all the bells and whistles will make it to production, but for now, it’s shaping up to be a rather stylish upgrade. For more Mercedes-Benz eye candy, check out the gallery below.


ECOmove QBEAK EV unveiled, grows a roof but no actual beak

31 Mar

You might expect a car with the word “beak” in its nose to have something of a pronounced proboscis. Not so. It’s the ECOmove QBEAK, a little, orange, all-electric car that’s now been shown in the actual flesh in both coupe and convertible form. The car seats an odd number of people, three or six depending on configuration (something we definitely like), yet is smaller than a Smart Fortwo tech gadgets. It does this thanks to motors that fit in the wheels and composite suspension that’s much more compact than your average strut setup. Range is up to 300km — 186 miles — but at this point we don’t know much more about when this tangerine dream might be rolling into showrooms for real. Video of its unveil below.

Source from Engadget

Hyper Touch Guitar concept

28 Mar

Truly inspiring designs roll about once in a while, and we’re pretty happy to bring you word of the Hyper Touch Guitar concept, where it intends to usher in guitar design into the 21st century. Just how does it hope to achieve that? For starters, the strings are replaced as well as the fret board, relying on a touch screen display instead that offers an unprecedented level of flexibility. Purists might argue that this will dilute the amount of skill required when it comes to manipulating the guitar, but it would surely help the touch screen generation connect better with this insturment. Coolest tech gadgets! The design itself lets you change the setup of the guitar with but a push of a button, allowing you to change from six string to 12 string, or perhaps adjust its tunings in a jiffy. Of course, we do wonder whether this will double up as a MIDI controller or not, or whether it can function as a standalone instrument. Those are questions that engineers will need to work out if it were to roll off a production line.

Source from ubergizmo