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Google Nexus S 4G for Sprint hands-on

26 Mar

We finally got our hands on the elusive Samsung Nexus S 4G for Sprint at CTIA here today and it’s pretty much what you’d expect: a Nexus S with its GSM / HSPA radio swapped for a set of Sprint-compatible CDMA / EV-DO and WiMAX radios. While the Nexus S 4G lacks a SIM slot, it’s actually 0.3mm thicker than the Nexus S — that’s the thickness of a business card, and is meaningless for all practical purposes. These tech gadgets also feature a 4G signal indicator in the status bar, along with a 4G sub-menu in the wireless settings. Our demo unit was running Android 2.3.4 (!) — a version we have not yet come across — but we were told that neither the hardware nor the software are final at this point. So don’t be surprised if the production model receives a few tweaks before launch. Perhaps a Sprint logo?

Nokia Astound for T-Mobile coming April 6th for $80

22 Mar

Want to know where those next 150 million Symbian devices that Nokia wants to sell are going to come from? Well, here’s a little sliver of your answer. We’ve just swung by Nokia’s swank dinner event well outside CTIA’s convention center grounds in Orlando tonight to check out the official introduction of the rumored Astound for T-Mobile tech gadgets. Make no mistake — this is a straight-up C7 in every sense of the word, featuring the same 3.5-inch AMOLED display, 8 megapixel camera, and 720p capture as the original announced last year atop Symbian^3 — so the only real differences are the T-Mobile branding (or should that be AT&T branding?) tastefully featured along the bottom chin and a slight platform bump to Symbian^3.1, which we’re told features “some, but not all” of the PR2.0 update’s features like portrait QWERTY support and a refreshed browser. Interestingly, the carrier will be offering WiFi calling on this one — just as it did on the E73 Mode — and you’ll be able to do unrestricted video calling over Qik thanks to the front-facing cam. Look for it to launch on April 6th for $79.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate on contract (and pre-orders start tomorrow). Follow the break for our hands-on video and Nokia’s press release.


Source from Engadget


Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 specs and Honeycomb UI tweaks leak out before its official launch

22 Mar

You didn’t have any doubt that Samsung was going to bring its new Galaxy Tab 8.9 to CTIA, did you? Well, this thing is definitely coming very soon. We snuck onto the show floor this afternoon, and while we didn’t find the actual tablet, there was a serious amount of Galaxy Tab 8.9 signage. We couldn’t get a close look at the placards, but the guys at PocketNow had better luck.

Here are some specs and features abour these brilliant electronic gadgets.

Not only does the 8.9-inch display have a 1280×800-resolution, but the tablet itself is said to be incredibly thin — it measures just .33-inches thick and weighs 1.03 pounds. It also looks like the 8.9 will be the first Honeycomb tablet with some noticeable interface customizations — one of the signs showed a new “Live Panel” and a “Mini App” tray. All that certainly makes this one a bit more interesting — we’re assuming we will be hearing all the official details at Samsung’s press conference tomorrow, so stay tuned!


Source from engadget