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Hands on with the Rockus 3D Speaker System

12 Apr

We reported on the Antec soundscience Rockus 3D 2.1 speaker system before, and I got a chance to try it out for myself.

The soundscience Rockus 3D 2.1 speaker system is designed for those that are into 3D gaming or movies on their home theater. Some of you, like myself, are probably wondering how the 3D sound works on this.

After all, isn’t 3D a visual thing, not audio? However, I believe that the idea of the sound is to project the sound so you will feel something go by your face like it was actually there.

3D is just one of the modes of this speaker systems tech gadgets, and it can be turned to normal music mode from the weird wired remote that looks like a tiny can. It controls the volume by turning the top. Don’t ask me why there isn’t a wireless remote.

I found that the speakers and the sub-woofer are pretty loud, and are definitely worth trying out for yourself. I have no idea how well the 3D tech gadgets will work for you, and you might have to find your personal sweet spot.

I believe that the last time we reported on this sound system, it cost about $249. I’m not certain why the price drop, but it is now a cost of $199 here.

Source from Coolest Gadgets

Harmon debuts two compact 5.1 home theater sound systems

8 Apr

Harmon’s new JBL Cinema 300 and JBL Cinema 500 sounds systems offer clean 5.1 surround sound without consuming huge amounts of room space.

Home theater fans will tell you that a superior sound system is an essential element to any surround-sound setup…but anyone who has had to live with a superior sound system will also tell you it can be like watching a film from the front row of a death metal concert. Sure, there might be a movie playing somewhere, but most of what you notice is your nose pressed right up against a speaker grille. And a distinct lack of personal space.

Harman International is looking to address these concerns, announcing its new tech gadgets of JBL Cinema 300 and JBL Cinema 500 5.1 surround sound home theater packages, which claim to offer powerful, high quality audio with a small-and-stylish footprint. The systems are among the smallest that Harman has ever products, but they still deliver powerful bass, clear dialog, and highly-defined music.

“JBL was there when music was paired with film for the first time ever,” said Harman consumer division president David Slump, in a statement. “With the new Cinema series speakers, we’re truly excited to showcase the same legendary technology and expertise that made JBL famous in a way that can be experienced in the comfort of your own home.”

The systems sport four identical satellite speakers with PolyPlas cones: the 300 series have a single 3-inch driver while the 500′s satellite speakers have dual 3-inch cones and a lower crossover point. The systems also feature an 8-inch down-firing subwoofer (100 watts in the 300 series, 150 watts in the 500 series), and a center channel speaker with dual 3-inch PolyPlas tech gadgets cone that can handle up to 100 watts. All the speakers sport video shielding (so they won’t pick up buzz from your TV, and all feature JBL Weave “aesthetic” styling so they can blend with many decors.

The systems are available now, with the JBL Cinema 300 system carrying a suggested price of $499, while the JBL Cinema 500 series goes for $699.

Source from digitaltrends