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Hyper Touch Guitar concept

28 Mar

Truly inspiring designs roll about once in a while, and we’re pretty happy to bring you word of the Hyper Touch Guitar concept, where it intends to usher in guitar design into the 21st century. Just how does it hope to achieve that? For starters, the strings are replaced as well as the fret board, relying on a touch screen display instead that offers an unprecedented level of flexibility. Purists might argue that this will dilute the amount of skill required when it comes to manipulating the guitar, but it would surely help the touch screen generation connect better with this insturment. Coolest tech gadgets! The design itself lets you change the setup of the guitar with but a push of a button, allowing you to change from six string to 12 string, or perhaps adjust its tunings in a jiffy. Of course, we do wonder whether this will double up as a MIDI controller or not, or whether it can function as a standalone instrument. Those are questions that engineers will need to work out if it were to roll off a production line.

Source from ubergizmo