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Motorola Xoom vs. Apple iPad 2

24 Mar

The original iPad didn’t make it into many of CNET’s Prizefights in 2010 because, frankly, there wasn’t a whole lot of competition. But, oh, what a difference a year makes.

The Motorola Xoom was the darling of CES and Google’s first-draft pick to receive its Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system. It was the first tablet to offer dual-core processing, and the first with Adobe Flash 10.2 support. If ever there were an iPad contender, the Xoom is it.

But the iPad is a moving target. Only a few weeks after the Xoom launched, Apple announced the iPad 2 electronic gadgets. Thinner, lighter, and more powerful than the original, the iPad 2 has proven itself a worthy successor.

Now the question is: which one should you choose? Speaking for themselves, our three CNET editors have put these two tablets through five rounds of criticism and evaluation, assigning a score to each device, round by round. In the end, only one tablet will reign victorious.

Japan disaster could delay iPhone 5, disrupt PC supply chain

22 Mar

Much of the consumer electronics industry could be affected by the catastrophes in Japan within three months, experts say.

The global electronics supply chain could soon be disrupted by the ongoing disasters in Japan caused by recent earthquakes, tsunamis and nuclear catastrophes. That includes access to parts that make up PCs, as well as components of Apple electronic gadgets, like the iPad 2 and the upcoming iPhone 5, experts say.

News of such disruptions comes first via Acer Taiwan president Scott Lin, who says that, while the PC industry’s supply chain will remain intact for 2.5 to 3 months, some companies are beginning to stockpile their inventories of DRAM and LCD panels, causing short-term price inflation for those components, Digitimes reports. Lin also says that the availability of silicon wafers and adhesive used in LCD panel assembly, 90 percent of which is produced by Japan-based companies Sony and Hitachi, are already in short supply.

According to Lin, who knows first-hand how natural disaster can affect the electronics industry after experiencing the 1999 Taiwan earthquake, says that the key to resolving the supply problem is to restore Japan’s power system, which is currently in shambles due to multiple nuclear meltdowns.

As iSuppli principal analyst Michael Yang tells Computerworld, a shortage of NAND flash memory chips, which are often used in tablets and smartphones, is already underway due to production disruptions at Toshiba, which produces about 40 percent of the world’s NAND chips.

The short supply of NAND flash memory could potentially cause a delay in the release of Apple’s next-generation iPhone, which is expected to debut in June. But because of Apple’s position in the industry, the Cupertino-based company has little reason for concern.

“Apple’s purchasing power and its relationship with the [NAND] suppliers means it will get priority,” Yang tells Computerworld. “There are three other major suppliers of NAND — Samsung, Hynex and Micron — and there’s enough flex there that it shouldn’t be a huge issue for Apple.”

Other companies, including HP, Nokia and Motorola, could also be affected by an NAND shortage.

Production of the iPad 2 could also experience hang-ups, according to iSuppli analyst Wayne Lam who spoke with All Things Digital. The problem primarily centers on the iPad’s three-cell li-ion battery pack, which Lam believes is manufactured in Japan.

With disaster in Japan still taking its catastrophic toll on countless lives, the last thing on most people’s minds at the moment is how their future electronic gadgets purchases might be affected. But in this age of a global economy, it’s something everyone — from Steve Jobs to your neighborhood Best Buy register jockey — should start to consider.


Source from digitaltrends

iPad Scalpers Buy Out Apple Flagship Store

19 Mar

With sell outs, long lines, and repeatedly pushed-back shipping times, it’s perhaps not surprising that the scalpers are getting into the iPad 2 business in a big way. The tablets are currently selling for exorbitant amounts online, through sites like eBay. Resellers also have plans to sell the things in China.

The New York Post has a piece about the lengths scalpers are going to clean out Apple locations, namely the company’s flagship glass storefront on 59th street. The paper illustrated a scene in which five men walked down a line of roughly 200 people, handing out $100 dollar bills to pick up the electronic gadgets (and keep with Apple’s strict per-person limit).

“The ones we bought today are already on their way to China,” the “ringleader” told the paper. “It’s been pretty crazy.” The iPad 2 can apparently resell for as much as $2,000 a piece–well over double the asking price of the most expensive model.

Motorola Xoom vs. Apple iPad 2

17 Mar

A couple of weeks back we put the original iPad up against the Xoom in a site-loading speed battle. While most of the feedback was positive, a few commenters expressed their disappointment that we used the original iPad instead of the iPad 2. Well, now that the iPad 2 has been released, we can in fact post the story you’ve been waiting for. One that will no doubt completely satisfy everyone.

So, let’s get right to it. Battle of these two high tech gadgets!

Site-loading speed is one of the simplest things to test, and it’s a test many users can immediately relate to. As I said in the previous post, I’m a greater fan of real-world tests like going to actual, real sites, than of synthetic benchmarks.

We used three different Web sites for the tests: CNET.com, CBSNews.com, and GiantBomb.com. Each tablet was connected to the same closed network with no other devices on it, with the router about 5 feet away. We considered the test to begin the moment we pressed Enter and run to the time the blue progress bar on each tablet disappeared. We used iOS 4.3 for the iPad 2 and iPad,  and the Xoom is using Android OS 3.0.1.

Although in the video you’ll only see one iteration for each test, we actually ran each test several times; over those runs we got results consistent with what you’ll see here. Also, we cleared each tablet’s browser cache before each iteration of the tests was run.

Now, as much as we’d love for these tests to be completely relevant for everyone in every situation, that’s nearly impossible. We tested these electronic gadgets under specific conditions in a “free” environment. The network was closed, but we can’t account for noise from other networks interfering. This is a snapshot of performance in our testing environment, and your results may vary.

The iPad 2 shows a huge improvement over the original iPad and holds its own against the Xoom for the most part. On a really busy site like CBSnews.com, however, the iPad 2 chokes a bit, while the Xoom flies through with relative ease.


Source from CNET

iPad 2 “amazing” sales: 7,200 at flagship NYC store, online orders now 4-5 weeks delayed

15 Mar

Unofficial iPad 2 sales figures continue to circulate, in the absence of any official stats from Apple itself. The company’s official spokesperson Trudy Miller would only say that “demand for the next generation iPad 2 has been amazing”; however, a “well connected” source told Business Insider that Apple sold 7,200 iPad 2 units on launch day at its 5th Avenue Manhattan store.

Estimates of iPad 2 sales have reached as high as 1m units over the launch weekend, with analysts vying to pinpoint Apple’s exact numbers. Some Best Buy locations reportedly sold out of their entire stock within 10 minutes, along with all accessories of these electronic gadgets, though it’s unclear exactly how many tablets they had in to begin with.

Constrained stock looks to be the biggest qualifier of sales success right now. Online orders have slipped once again, now taking 4-5 weeks from point of order; as of yesterday, they were listed as 3-4 weeks. Questions are now being asked as to whether Apple will be able to meet its ambitious 25 country roll-out on March 25, on the basis that the company doesn’t appear to have enough stock to satisfy even one territory.

Where and When Can I Buy the iPad 2?

10 Mar

Where and When Can I Buy the iPad 2?The iPad 2 is coming out tomorrow, March 11th. Do you know where you’re going to buy one from? Do you know who’s selling them? We’ll tell you all you need to know right here.

So Where Can I Buy One?

At your local Apple Store, of course. But the usual big brick and mortar stores, Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart, will also be selling it on launch day (though they’re mum on how many they have in stock). AT&T and Verizon retail stores will also be selling but only offering the electronic gadgets of iPad 3G version that works with their network.


When Does It Go on Sale?

Every store will start selling the iPad 2 at 5:00PM Local Time. So you don’t have to call in sick to work (but you may take a half day).


How Much Will It Cost?

Same as last year. $499 for 16GB Wi-Fi only, $599 for 32GB Wi-Fi only, and $699 for 64GB Wi-Fi only. 3G models range from $629 for 16GB Wi-Fi + 3G, $729 for 32GB Wi-Fi + 3G, and $829 for 64GB Wi-Fi +3G.


Same Price for Black and White right?

Yep, same price for either color and both will be available on launch day. No one has confirmed how many of each will be available but we’d imagine most stores will have more black units than white units.


Wait, Can I Pre-Order One?

Yes! But for some reason, Apple will only begin taking pre-orders on Apple.com at 4:00AM EST / 1:00AM PST tomorrow, March 11th. AT&T has also confirmed that they’ll be selling the iPad 2 electronic gadgets at 4:00AM EST / 1:00AM PST as well. So you’re either waking up really early, staying up really late or maybe not changing your sleeping schedule at all you lucky West Coast folks.


Will There Be Crazy Lines?

Because it’s a new Apple product, probably. But Apple’s been getting better at divvying up stock to different retailers so it might be a tad better. In any case, call your local retailer to check their status before you go. (Don’t worry that picture isn’t from tomorrow’s iPad 2 launch)


Where Else Can I Buy It Online Then?

Best Buy and Wal-Mart both have product pages for the iPad 2 up on their website, so they might sell it there as well. AT&T has confirmed that they’ll start selling at 4:00AM EST / 1:00AM PST online.


So Should I Buy One?

Our roundup of the early iPad 2 reviews can help you figure out whether you should buy one or not. Our own review will come once we spend some real quality time with it. In any case, be sure to let us know where you’re going to buy one (if you are at all) in the comments!


Resource from gizmodo