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Motorola delays Droid Bionic launch until summer to make ‘several enhancements’

20 Apr

There’s not a lot of details on this one, but the Wall Street Journal has just confirmed with Motorola that the launch of the Droid Bionic tech gadgets will be delayed until summer, and that it might not be available for purchase until sometime in the third quarter (or late summer, in other words). As for the reason for the delay, a Motorola spokesperson would only say that the company is “incorporating several enhancements to make this an even better consumer experience,” based on feedback its received since the phone was announced way back at CES in January.

Source from Engadget

Motorola NYXboard surfaces from the dead, XBMC reclaims it

6 Apr

Seven months ago, Motorola unveiled a dual-sided, QWERTY-laden TV remote control: the NYXboard. These electronic gadgets were never heard from again. Today, we’ve learned why — the open-source community will be selling a version specially redesigned to control your XBMC rig. The folks at Pulse-Eight — a spinoff of the XBMC Foundation dedicated to designing hardware — tell us they actually talked Motorola out of bundling the remote with set-top-boxes in favor of a nefarious plan. Simply put, they want you to be able to purchase an IR and RF remote that natively supports XBMC for a penny under $60 this June.

While we don’t have any real pictures of the unit quite yet — just the renders you see above and below — developers say it will work with installations on Mac, Windows, Linux and the original Apple TV on day one, and will actually turn off the side of the remote that’s face down to avoid accidental inputs. You’ll find the NYXboard electronic gadgets up for pre-order now at our source link, with the first shipments slated for around June 27th. Then again, you might want to wait, as we’re told there are more surprises in store: a second version that can control the Apple TV 2, and a secret method which would allow the remotes to control your home entertainment center without pesky line-of-sight infrared. The best laid plans and all that… but it sounds like Logitech’s Harmony may finally get some competition.


Motorola Z6w

29 Mar

Motorola Z6w is a vertical slider handsome mobile with 2G Network with GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900 / GSM 850. It weighs around 110.0 g (with battery) with the dimensions that ranges up to 105 x 45 x 17.3 mm.  It has a graphical type display screen with the resolution of 240 x 320 pixels and 262k colors. The tech gadgets have a 64 MB memory storage capacity with the additional microSD flash system. It produces networking operation system of Class 12 (4+1/3+2/2+3/1+4 slots), 32 – 48 kbps and WLAN of Wi-Fi 802.11b/g, UMA. It is charged with Li-Ion type of battery that offers GSM: 400h stand by time.

Motorola recognizes, investigates Atrix 4G voice quality issues

24 Mar

Experiencing voice quality woes with your otherwise delightful Atrix 4G tech gadgets? You aren’t alone, buster. In fact, the issue has become so prevalent and widespread that Motorola itself has taken notice, with one of its forum managers creating a sticky to confirm that the company is looking into things. As of now, there’s no clear indication of why the problem is emerging, but the positive news is that you aren’t actually losing your hearing — it’s a legitimate quandary, and if you’d care to help Motorola fix it, you can visit that source link to tell your story. Till then, we hear local phone providers are offering unbeatable deals on landline connections.


Source from Engadget

Motorola Xoom vs. Apple iPad 2

24 Mar

The original iPad didn’t make it into many of CNET’s Prizefights in 2010 because, frankly, there wasn’t a whole lot of competition. But, oh, what a difference a year makes.

The Motorola Xoom was the darling of CES and Google’s first-draft pick to receive its Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system. It was the first tablet to offer dual-core processing, and the first with Adobe Flash 10.2 support. If ever there were an iPad contender, the Xoom is it.

But the iPad is a moving target. Only a few weeks after the Xoom launched, Apple announced the iPad 2 electronic gadgets. Thinner, lighter, and more powerful than the original, the iPad 2 has proven itself a worthy successor.

Now the question is: which one should you choose? Speaking for themselves, our three CNET editors have put these two tablets through five rounds of criticism and evaluation, assigning a score to each device, round by round. In the end, only one tablet will reign victorious.

Motorola Xoom WiFi now available for pre-order

18 Mar

Motorola didn’t say when pre-orders for the WiFi-only Xoom would be available when it finally announced the device yesterday, but some retailers have now stepped in and answered that question. You can currently pre-order the device from Amazon, Staples and Costco, with other participating retailers presumably set to follow shortly. In case you missed the news, the Xoom WiFi will run you $599 for the one and only 32GB version, and it will be available on March 27th. These Staples  tech gadgets will apparently be shipping them out on March 25th to ensure you get it on launch day (if you pre-order before March 23rd), while Costco says it will only begin shipping on April 1st — it’s throwing in a free gel case to make up for it, though.


Source from Engadget