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Apple set to launch cloud-based music service ahead of Google

22 Apr

It’s the rumor that wouldn’t die, and Reuters is now reporting that Apple is finally set to launch a cloud-based music service — presumably putting its massive North Carolina data center to some real work at long last.

Details are still fairly light beyond that, but Reuters says that Apple’s service will actually launch ahead of Google’s similar cloud-based option, which it reports is now “stalled,” citing “several people familiar with both companies plans.”

According to Reuters, the service will let folks store their music (and only music, apparently) on Apple’s servers and then access it on any device with an internet connection — and a copy of iTunes, we presume.

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Sony Music Unlimited service arriving on PSP

12 Apr

PSP owners who love listening to music will be in for a treat in a few days. Sony has announced that Music Unlimited, its music streaming app will be available on Sony’s handheld console – the PSP tech gadgets. Starting April 14, Music Unlimited will allow PSP users to stream music from their computers onto the console with the basic plan ($3.99 a month) while the premium plan ($9.99 a month) will give users access to additional premium channels and unlimited playback for the 7 million available songs. This means there’s going to be no more need to fill up that memory stick with music as long as you have an internet connection. PSP tech gadgets users will need to be running firmware version 6.37 to make use of Music Unlimited.

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ShairPort emulator cracks open the door for more unofficial AirPlay streaming options

12 Apr

There’s already a few unofficial AirPlay applications out there, but looks like developer James Laird has now gotten right to the heart of the matter and enabled a whole host of new streaming possibilities. Here’s apparently managed to crack the private key used by Apple in the AirPort Express electronic gadgets (literally by ripping one open and dumping the ROM), and he’s used that to build an emulator dubbed “ShairPort,” which will let you stream music from iTunes to any third-party software — or hardware, for that matter, if someone decided to go as far as to build a device that takes advantage of the private key.


Source from Engadget